Sustainability Forum Podcast

Sustainability Forum

Sustainability Forum Podcast

The show highlights aspects of sustainability in our built environment. It aims to raise awareness regarding sustainability as a concept, and the importance of adopting this concept as a way to combat climate change and create a better future.

This I presented by exploring how we can do that in our everyday lives and open discussions with guests from different backgrounds to benefit from their experience.

Host: Modar Ali

Modar Ali


Modar Ali

Modar has a Ph.D. in architectural engineering from the University of Pécs, Hungary. His field of research is energy-efficient buildings, specifically, optimizing passive design methods of natural ventilation in buildings as a way to reduce the needed energy for cooling. He has work experience in the heritage protection sector in Syria. He has practiced architecture in multiple places in Syria and Hungary. He is currently an assistant lecturer at the University of Pécs.
Modar likes cycling as a lifestyle, and he strongly supports sustainable mobility.



#1 Rethinking Urban Mobility


From the design of cities to the way we move within them, every aspect of our built environment plays a crucial role in shaping our environmental footprint. Transportation, in particular, stands at the intersection of sustainability and urban planning, offering opportunities to rethink how we move people and goods while minimizing environmental impact.

Guest: Ola Qasseer


TRAILER - Rethinking Urban Mobility




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