Piece of my mind podcast

Piece of my mind podcast

Piece of my mind podcast

This is full of FUN!!!! Hi there! I’m Tuleen Hamdan and I have ideas- Sooo I sometimes get these sudden thoughts about life in general and I decided it’s time to share these thoughts online!

Sometimes I’ll have special guests and sometimes it will be 3am in the morning and just me, myself and I…
I encourage you all to share your thoughts and ideas and let your voice be heard!




Host: Hamdan Tuleen Faris Taher



Hamdan Tuleen Faris Taher

Hamdan Tuleen Faris Taher is a graduate student of the Department of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Pécs. She has been studying in the English language programme for the last three years.




#1 First impressions ft. Celine and Maya


Have you ever looked at someone and thought "Yes... That's the friend I'm looking for!" Well in my first ever podcast, me and my friends discussed our opinions on these first impressions and what we think about them. And since this is the first time you hear me, how about you give me YOUR first impressions of me?


TRAILER - First impressions ft. Celine and Maya


Barangold be a PTE-t virtuálisan az interaktív böngészőnkkel!