Where is Attendance Required, What Remains in Digital Form?

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The rector of the University of Pécs may decide to organise education, in particular the practical training and assessment of students, in personal contact, in accordance with the necessary safety measures. This is authorised by the Government Decree on the second phase of protection measures to be applied in the event of an emergency. Dr. Attila Miseta has decided, at the request of the faculties, which faculties can now organise teaching, practical training, assessment, final exams and entrance exams in person.

Education and exams at the different faculties

Everything remains digital at the Faculty of Law.

The Medical School will offer both teaching and practical training, exams and final exams, as well as exams required for the admission procedure with personal attendance.

At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the final exam for the Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology and its English version will be attendance based, and the entrance exam for the Master's degree in Psychology will be attendance based as well. For students in the Mental Health Specialist and Advanced Vocational Training courses, the final exam and the entrance exam will be attendance based. Students of Neo-Roman languages and cultures - French may also take the final examination in attendance.

At the Faculty of Health Sciences, the education model will be different for different departments:

for full-time students of infant and early childhood education, for example, complete attendance based education will return.

For Nursing and Patient Care - Paramedic full-time and part-time, Nursing and Patient Care - Midwife full-time and correspondent, Infant and Early Childhood Education correspondent, Nursing and Patient Care - Midwifery full-time, Advanced Practice Nurse full-time and Nursing full-time, education, practical training, exams and final exams will be held with in attendance. The exams of the admission procedure will remain digital.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy, practical training, exams and final exams will be held in person. Entrance exams will remain in digital format for this study programme.

At the Faculty of Business and Economics, everything remains digital.

At the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development, the education model will depend on the character of the different study programmes:

For example, only exams will be available in person at the departments of special education teacher training (both full-time and part-time) in nature education and in wine tourism and wine gastronomy, and BSc correspondence courses in agricultural engineering in regional development.

All aspects of all teacher training programmes will be attendance based. For all pre-school teachers and infant and early childhood teachers, only the education will remain digital.

At the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, for students of the full-time FOKSZ course in television programme production final exams in attendance will be possible.

For most of the courses offered by the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, personal attendance will return.

Examples include full-time sculpture and painting courses, music teacher training, music teacher teacher training, performance art instrumental and private singing specialisations, design (both in Hungarian and English), ceramic design (both in Hungarian and English), creative arts and musicology (electronic music media), music teacher specializations, master's programmes in classical vocalist, classical instrumentalist, choral conductor, 2-semester and 4-semester music teacher training; postgraduate courses in documentary filmmaking, filmmaking, stage and television stage management, performance arts business management, postgraduate courses in scriptwriting and playwriting, postgraduate courses in the field of music and theatre, postgraduate courses in the field of lighting designer.

Final exams and admission tests will be held in attendance for the full-time master programmes in Graphic Design and in Art Teacher.

Only the entrance exam will be held in person: for the Intermedia Artist programme, the Art History MA, the postgraduate correspondence programme in Screen and Performing Arts Criticism, and in Set Design and Sculpture for the Moving and Performing Arts, and the correspondence course in Technical Manager in the Performing Arts.

In the case of the evening courses in art therapy, the teaching will remain digital, the practical training, the exams and final exams, as well as the admission will be attendance-based.

At the Faculty of Sciences, in the full-time Bachelor of Science in Chemistry programme (in English) the teaching, practical training and a final exam will be attendance based. For the other majors, only the final exams will be attendance based.


Further information

In the case of faculties where certain learning activities are in attendance format, please contact the faculty's Registrar's Office for details.

Further details are discussed in Rector's Orders 3/2021.

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