Vaccination is in our Common Interest

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Dear Fellow Citizens,

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is still with us. In nature, the 'experiment' continues, and new and more reproductive variants of the virus are spreading around the world. All serious researchers and doctors agree that vaccination is the most effective means of protection.

Vaccination is not a private matter!

Those who are not vaccinated, even if they do not show symptoms - especially for this reason - whether they like it or not, carry risks for others.

For those of you who doubt the effectiveness of vaccination, I want to say that by taking the vaccine, you are doing your fellow human beings a favor. It is a small, but meaningful gesture. More and more conspiracy theorists are coming forward in our COVID center, where they have the chance to experience all the inconveniences associated with the disease.

Let us not be doubters. Let us not endanger the health of ourselves and others.

Let us show real unity.


Dr. Attila Miseta,

Rector of the University of Pécs

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