Special Provisions Regarding the Dormitories in Connection With the State of Emergency




Joint Order No. 21/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor

on the Special Provisions Regarding the Dormitories in Connection With the State of Emergency


The management of the University of Pécs ( hereinafter: university) introduces the following provisions in connection with the dormitories in line with the provision of the Government Decree 484/2020 (10 November) on the second phase of protective measures applicable during the period of state of emergency.




Article 1 (1) The scope of the regulation shall cover all dormitories and other accommodations (hereinafter: dormitories) managed by the UP Residence Service.


(2) The scope of the regulation shall cover every citizen of the university and every individual who enters the dormitories or who uses any services of the dormitories.


Provisions on entering and moving in the dormitories, and on the health requirements of residing in the dormitories


Article 2 All events shall be prohibited on the premises of the dormitories. Compliance with the epidemiological preventive measures is required on dormitory premises.



Article 3 During the state of emergency, the dormitories shall not receive guests, commercial accommodation services shall be discontinued until further notice.


Article 4 (1) The dormitory membership of students shall be suspended from 15 November 2020, 4:00 p.m. until further notice.


(2) The Rector, in his discretion, may grant exemption from under the suspension of membership upon request. The university provides a limited number of vacancies for students with the Rector’s exemption.


(3) Rector’s exemption requests may be submitted by:

  1. Hungarian diaspora students, and international students,
  2. volunteer students (either in patient care or other activities),
  3. students in duals study programmes or students conducting other practices,
  4. students quarantined in dormitories,
  5. doctoral students conducting teaching or research activities,
  6. students whose employment, accommodation, or social status justify it (especially if they do not have a residence other than the dormitory),
  7. employees of the university (as public servants or otherwise),
  8. essential workers of the university.


(4) The request for the Rector’s exemption shall be submitted via the designated Neptun form.


Article 5 (1) During the state of emergency, the dormitory fee for students accommodated in the dormitories remains the same as set forth in their accommodation service contracts. Students with a temporarily suspended dormitory status shall, at their request, be released from the obligation to pay the dormitory fee.


(2) Upon the suspension of the dormitory membership, the student is exempted from paying the dormitory fee. The remaining part of the November dormitory fee will be credited as a dormitory fee at a later date, or it can be reclaimed on demand (after the end of the state of emergency) and repaid to the student.


Article 6 (1) The Residence Service provides accommodation for individuals participating in patient care, members of the Emergency Services, or other individuals set forth by the law due to the state of emergency.


(2) For individuals listed in paragraph (1), provides accommodation upon request for 2,300 HUF/day with provisions, and 4,830 HUF/day without provisions.


Article 7 (1) All students not having an exemption or falling under the category outlined in Article 6 shall vacate their rooms until 4:00 p.m. 15 November 2020.


(2) The student vacating the rooms shall register the fact of checking out on the form made for this purpose in Neptun. Students vacating before the launch of this form can register when it is launched.


(3) Rooms do not have to be emptied for the duration of the membership suspension, only belongings necessary for studying and mid-term leave need to be taken. Valuables, communication devices shall not be left in the rooms.


(4) The refrigerators (including their freezers) in the accommodation units (living block and room) shall also be emptied. The electrical appliances in the rooms, with the exception of the refrigerator, must be unplugged.


(5) Belongings stored in community areas shall be placed in the rooms or be taken away. Large belongings can be stored in the living blocks, bicycles in the bicycle storage.


(6) The rooms shall be left clean and without perishable foods.


(7) The living block and room keys, entrance cards, proxy equipment may remain at the students when leaving but the fact of checking out shall be registered with the online form.


Provisions on the epidemiological isolation


Article 8 The Residence Service provides accommodation for official home quarantine and a test-positive quarantine block as outlined in the Joint Order 15/2020.


Article 9 Residents put in official home quarantine shall remain in their accommodation unit or move to another (specifically prepared) unit based on the decision of the head of the dormitory for the duration specified by the authority.

Closing provisions


Article 10. (1) This regulation enters into force on 11 November 2020 and remains in effect until repealed.


(2) The Joint Order 15/2020 remains in effect, its provisions shall be applied in line with the provisions of this Order.


Pécs, 11 November 2020


Dr Attila Miseta                                                                                                  István Decsi

Rector                                                                                                                   Chancellor



Disclaimer: Please note that this document is solely a translation of the official Hungarian text. In case of any doubt, the Hungarian text has authority.


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