'Seniors Only' Shopping Hours Reintroduced





A daily shopping slot for citizens older than 65 is has been reintroduced from 24 November with the aim of protecting the elderly from the coronavirus epidemic.



Between 9am and 11am on weekdays and 8am and 10am on weekends, customers below the age of 65 are banned from shopping in grocery shops, household chemists and pharmacies.


This means that people under 65 years of age are NOT allowed to enter grocery shops, household chemists and pharmacies in the following time slots:


  • Monday-Friday: 9-11 am
  • Saturday-Sunday: 8-10 am


Senior citizens will have the right to shop at any time, according to the decree which was promulgated after agreement with the Council of the Elderly. Senior citizens are asked to avoid crowded, enclosed spaces and, where possible, should ask their relatives or even the municipality to help with shopping.


Statistics say that the virus is affecting the elderly more, let us protect them together!


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