Rector's Message




Dear Colleagues! Dear Students!

Even though we had a slight glimmer of hope that the worst parts of the COVID epidemic have passed we still have to face new challenges. The pandemic has gained its second wind and now it affects the younger demographic the most. Only mild symptoms might emerge or none at all and we could think that “we will at least get through it”. However, the risk of passing the virus on to the more endangered older demographic or to those who have preexisting chronic conditions is increasing.

Therefore, we must follow the public health regulations now more than ever. Wearing a facemask is mandatory in enclosed spaces where we are together with other people. Elsewhere, where we are not alone, it is strongly recommended. Washing and sanitizing one’s hand is very important as well. I would also encourage everyone to politely remind those who would act defiantly! These are our only options for stopping virus’ spread, along with social distancing.

Testing is important, but it is most important for those who show symptoms and their contacts. Obviously, it is essential for those who are at risk because of their profession as well, but it is not suitable for cases where we just want to calm our nerves. Getting a negative result today does not guarantee that we will not get infected two days from now, meanwhile unnecessary test could overwhelm our colleagues. While our university and the government supports tests, we must keep our priorities straight.

Teaching will, where necessary, remain offline with compliance to the relevant regulations. Where personal attendance is not necessary, hybrid or online courses will be presented as a possibility. Since the methodology of the various disciplines are vastly different and the possibilities for offline courses are not equal, we left this decision to the deans. We support the acquisition of educational support technology if justified.

As I have mentioned before, protection is most important now. In order to facilitate this protection, we will continue to provide the proper protective equipment with the support of the Operative Crew. At the same time, protection is a personal responsibility as well!

I would like to thank all my colleagues and the students for their cooperation. While the signs of fatigue and unrest are visible here and there, I would like to ask everyone to abide by the regulations.

Dr. Attila Miseta