Order of Entering the Premises of the University During the State of Emergency




Joint Order No. 20/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor

on the Order of Entering the Premises of the University

During the State of Emergency


The leadership of the University of Pécs (hereinafter: university) is determined to safeguard the health, life, and safety of its citizens, including their personal safety, the protection of their properties and their rights. The management is committed to taking every necessary precautions to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from spreading furhter. Therefore, during the state of emergency declared by the Government Decree 484/2020 (10 November) the following special provisions shall enter into force on entering university premises.


Chapter I



Article 1 (1) The scope of the regulation shall cover every study programme that constitutes a student status (vocational, undergraduate, undivided, single-tier, graduate, post-graduate specialist, and doctoral training), those individuals who have student status at the university (hereinafter: students) regardless of their citizenship, and those individuals who study in other training programmes (adult education, technical education).


(2) The scope of the regulation shall cover the public servants and other employees of the university (hereinafter jointly: employees).


(3) The scope of the regulation shall also cover every other individual who is eligible to enter the premises of the university under the regulation.


Article 2 (1) The scope of the regulation shall cover the Clinical Centre only to the extent of the particular provisions set forth herein regarding the clinical practices of students.


(2) The scope of the regulation shall not cover the dormitories and other accommodations managed by the university's Residence Service. The rules on entering these premises are outlined in another Joint Order.


Chapter II

Entrance Rules

General Provisions


Article 3 (1) During the state of emergency, university facilities are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, except fthe facilities of the Clinical Centre. In those facilities that have non-stop reception service, the employer may allow entry for the working purposes if necessary, outside the general opening hours. The reception service shall be notified in writing about this allowance.


(2) Entering university premises shall be bound to a definite goal (e.g. teaching, research, work, studying, administration, sports activity, attending events) and be limited to the duration of achieving that particular goal.


(3) Only healthy individuals who do not show any symptoms of coronavirus infection and whose body temperature does not exceed the level specified by the National Chief Medical Officer shall enter university buildings at their own risk.


(4) Meetings and gatherings are prohibited on university premises. Maintaining a safe physical distance on university prmeises is of utmost importance to prevent (further) spreading of the virus. Every individual inside university buildings shall practice social distancing and stay 1.5 metres apart (protective distance) from each other.


(5) Every individual shall wear protective gear (amsk) that covers the mouth and the nose (surgical mask, safety mask, mask made of textil or other fabric) on all universiy premises, including public spaces. The head of a given unit may introduce stricter provisions.


(6) Every individual shall comply with the hygienic safety measures published on the university website.


Article 4 (1) Violators of the rules outlined in Article 3 will be held accountable. The person acting on behalf of the operator of the building may warn the violator to cease the violation. If the violator does not comply with the rules set forth in Article 3 following the warning, then the violator shall leave the university building.


(2) If the violator still does not comply with the rules after the measures taken under paragraph (1) or if the violator repeatedly violates the rules, the relevant provisions of university disciplinary and liability procedures shall apply.


Article 5 (1) The heads of units may order body temperature checks before entry. Providing human and material resources for the checks shall be the responsibility of the respective head of unit.


(2) Individuals, who provide a medical certificate that proves that their symptoms are not of the coronavirus infections shall enter university premises.


(3) The head of the unit may require a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test taken no more than 3 days before entry to a university premise from an employee who was released from an official home quarantine due to a verified coronavirus infection, even if the employee shows no symptoms.


(4) The staff of the Clincal Centre shall only participate in in patient care after negative PCR test taken according to the “Epideoligocal and Infection Control Regulations in Connection with the Novel Coronavitus identified in 2020” protocol issued by the National Public Health Centre.



Chapter III

Special provisions



Article 6 All events with physical presence shall be prohibited at the university during the state of emergency.


Study administration


Article 7 (1) In general, study administration is online (e-mail, Neptun), except:

a) paying fees with cash at cash desks (according to the Code of Charges and Benefits),

b) with appointments (made by phone or e-mail).


(2) During personal administration, wearing a facemask and keeping the protective distance (as possible) is obligatory. The administration desks should be covered with transparent plastic shields.


(3) If there is a waiting line, 1.5 metres should be maintained. Signs showing where to stand shall be posted visibly.


Meetings of university bodies


Article 8 (1) As a general rule, university bodies should meet using IT devices (video conference in which all participating members can be properly identified) with applying other relevant provisions reasonably. This provision cannot be applied to the Senate meetings.


(2) The head of the unit may allow derogation from under the general rules exceptionally in duly justified cases. The epidemic preventive measures (e.g. wearing a facemask, maintaining the protective distance, hand sanitiziation) should be strictly observed during these meetings.



Higher Education Study Programmes


Article 9 (1) Education shall be conducted online at the university, including classes, exams, and practices. Derogation from this rule shall be allowed by the minister responsible for higher education on the motion of the Rector.


(2) TheFaculties shall orgnaize their study programmes in line with Annex 17 on the Special Provision under the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic (hereinafter: Annex 17) of the Code of Studies and Examinations (Annex 5 to the Statutes of the University of Pécs, hereinafter: Code of Studies) and the provisions of the ministry.


(3) The Deans are authorized to outline the detailed rules in their Dean’s Orders.



Practices in the Clinical Centre


Article 10 (1) Special precaution shall be applied at the Clinical Centre, therefore every student (regardless of nationality) who takes part in practices at the Clinical Centre must comply and verify compliance with the special provisions, protocols, and epidemic preventive measures set forth by the President of the Clinical Centre.



Special provisions for the doctoral training


Article 11 (1) To earn the course credits connected to the theoretical elements of the doctoral training, the doctoral student must participate in the courses at the doctoral student’s Faculty (which registered the student) via online education as a general rule. Derogation from the general rule may be allowed by the Rector with simultaneously notifyng the minister respnsible for higher education.


(2) In the case of the practical training elements of the doctoral program, the tasks related to the research are performed by the student (and the supervisor) at the University, at the place designated for the practice, in compliance with the relevant rules. If the dcotral student’s Faculty (which registered the student) lays down special rules, the research must be carried out taking this into account.


(3) The complex exams, the final exams of the doctoral candidates, as well as the thesis defenses can be conducted in online form as a general rule. Derogation from the general rule may be allowed by the Rector with simultaneously notifyng the minister respnsible for higher education.


(4) The Doctoral Schools and the Doctoral Councils are obliged to follow the regulations of the student’s Faculty (which registered the student). and to organize the PhD / DLA training and its elements during the state of emergency in compliance with the respective regulations. However, rules that would change the provisions on the composition of Committes shall not be applied, therefore the number and participation of internal and external members shall be determined pursuant to the rules and regulations on doctoral training.


Special provisions on the public lectures in the habilitation pocedures


Article 12 (1) During the habilitation procedure, the public classroom and scientific lecture(s) set forth by the habilitation regulations of the University (Annex 48 to the Statutes of the University of Pécs), can be held in attendance, online or in blended form, depending on the respective form of the chosen subject announced by the dean within the accredited training program of the the current semester.


(2) In the case of presentations in online or blended form, the Judging Committee and the audience must also be given the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.


(3) The secret ballot of the Judging Committee and the students can also be implemented electronically, provided that the electronic system (online platform) used in the decision-making process guarantees the identification of the participating member and at the same time the confidentiality of the voting.


Sports facilities, swimming pools, other recreational facilities


Article 13 (1) During the state of emergency, university sports facilities are closed.


(2) For using University facilities for competitive sport activities under the Sports Act, contact the Operations and Maintenance Service (OMS) of the Chancellery.


(3) University citizens are allowed to use the outdoors sports facilities of the University for individual recreational sports (particularly running, walking).


Chapter IV

Closing, entry into force, and authorization provisions


Article 14 (1) The heads of autonomous units are authorized to introduce special provisions under this regulation at their respective units on the order of entering the unit's premises. The Cabinet Chief shall be notified about these provisions.


(2) The orders and protocols outlined according to Article 2 (3) by the principals of public and vocational schools managed by the university shall be sent to the Chief of the Operative Crew for approval.


(3) The Operative Crew shall be authorized during the state of emergency to:

  1. outline the rules of procedure to ensure a hygienically safe environment,
  2. outline the rules pertaining to SARS-CoV-2 PCR test required by the university for students and employees.


(4) The OMS shall be authorized to review the lease agreements and to initiate the amendment or termination of those agreements that do not comply with the goals outlined in this Order.


Article 15 (1) With the entry into force of this regulation, Joint Order No. 14/2020 of the Rector and the Chancellor shall lose effect.


(2) This regulation shall enter into force on the day of publication and remain in effect until repealed.




Pécs, 11 November 2020


Dr Attila Miseta                                                                                István Decsi

Rector                                                                                                Chancellor




Disclaimer: Please note that this document is solely a translation of the official Hungarian text. In case of any doubt, the Hungarian text has authority.



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