The Latest Decree of the Rector (7 May)




Dear University Citizens!

The government decree No. 168/2020.(IV.30.) empowers the rector to allow the students to enter university facilities, however, with respect to the continued state of emergency, the legally issued curfew and travel regulations still in power in Budapest and Pest county, and the restrictions on entering of dormitories on principle – unless declared invalid – students are not allowed to enter university facilities.

In certain cases, exceptions can be made to allow a student to enter the university facilities with a justified reason, maintaining strict security regulations. The detailed order of university entry is regulated by the rector’s decree No. 5/2020.

Main exceptions regulated by the decree are the following:

  • The university offers uninterrupted education and examinations through digital education according to the special regulations declared in annex No. 16. of the Code of Studies and Examinations (Annex 5 of the Statutes of the University of Pécs). In especially justified cases, the presence of students can be allowed, which will be regulated by a decree issued if the representatives of the student union and the dean of respective faculties agree in unison.

  • The doctoral students are not prohibited from entering the facilities; they can continue education and research.

  • Administration concerning studies continues to be done online, with the exception, that students can pay their tuition fees regulated by the Code of Charges and Benefits (Annex 6. of the Code of Organisational and Operational Regulations, University of Pécs) in the appointed offices.

  • Members of the management of the Student Union, and the presidents and vice-presidents of the faculty student unions are allowed to enter the facilities in order to represent students’ interests more efficiently. If necessary, with the approval of the rector and the president of the Student Union, those students, who otherwise would not be able to perform their duties in university organisations, if they request to be permitted to enter university facilities can be exempted.

  • Students, who perform volunteer activities, are allowed to enter university premises and to stay as long as necessary.

  • Participants of language examinations organized by the University are allowed to enter the premises and stay as long as it is required for the examination.

  • According to a special regulation, it will be gradually made possible for students to enter certain facilities with the aim of cultural or sports activities.

Everyone entering university premises is obliged to maintain social distancing measures with other people, to restrict contact to a minimum and to keep a secure distance of at least 1.5 metres at all times, and it is obligatory to wear masks that covers their nose and mouth.

I ask for your contribution to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens with moderation and disciplined behaviour even after the removal of curfew regulations!

Pécs, 7 May 2020.

Dr. Attila Miseta