Coronavirus: the Latest Regulations - UPDATE




- Update - 

According to the recently published government decree, MÁV-Start and Volánbusz will introduce stricter regulations concerning the use of masks from Monday 21 September: masks will continue to be mandatory on public transport means (trains, buses), but from that day onwards, everyone has to wear masks in station and waiting areas as well - explained the communication directorate of MÁV Zrt. reported MTI on Sunday.

According to the announcement, the new regulations apply to everyone, with the exception of minors under the age of 6. The Hungarian State Railway company (MÁV) and the Volánbusz Transport Company shall exclude all passengers who do not wear their masks covering both their nose and mouth as prescribed in the Regulation. Under stricter measures, the scarf or shawl is no longer considered suitable for covering the mouth and nose.

  • During the journey, medical masks, safety masks or masks made of textile or other materials must be worn continuously covering the nose and mouth. From 21 September, it is mandatory to wear the masks not only on vehicles, but also in all rooms where passengers are waiting for a train or bus.
  • In the announcement, they warned that passengers who do not follow the rules, and refuse to cooperate despite the request, may be charged with a fine or excluded from travelling, and in the event of further defiance, the crew may request police assistance to take action against the renitent passenger and make an official report.
  • The railway company and Volánbusz continue to ask their passengers to comply with public health standards and not to use community means of transport if they are ill or have a fever or upper respiratory symptoms or symptoms of cold. In order to reduce queuing and personal contact, they ask passengers to use electronic ticket options, e.g. with the help of the MÁV app, when buying tickets and passes, they wrote.

(MTI - Hungarian News Agency 20 September 2020)


In addition, mask use is mandatory from today: 

  • In shopping centres, malls, except sports rooms, restaurants and factory premises.  

  • At performing arts events – music, theatre, dance, cinema – for the audience. 

  • In museums, libraries, archives and cultural institutions. 

  • At the post office. 

  • In the client areas of public authorities. 

  • In all rooms where any kind of customer reception takes place and including the people working there, there are regularly more than 5 people at the same time in an enclosed space. 


- end of update (21 September) -


New decisions have been made in connection with coronavirus at the government meeting on 16 September, this was shared by Prime Minister Viktor Orban on his Facebook page.

The restrictions on entry imposed from 1 September will remain in place.

The blanket visiting ban for hospitals and retirement homes will also remain in place.

From 1 October, only teachers and students will be allowed into school buildings and will be required to undergo temperature screening upon entry.

The Hungarian government has capped the price of coronavirus tests at HUF 19,500.

Clubs will have to close by 11pm.

Wearing a face mask will be made mandatory in public transport, in cinemas, theatres, health and social institutions and public offices.

As you know, the Operative Crew of the University of Pécs has ruled it mandatory to wear facemasks on the premises of the University: “Every individual shall wear protective gear that covers the mouth and the nose (e.g. surgical mask, scarf) inside university buildings and at open-air events on university premises. The head of a given unit may introduce stricter provisions" – we ask every university citizen to inform themselves at the faculty websites.

We ask everyone to follow the rules and regulations.