Call for Volunteers





Dear Students,

The novel coronavirus pandemic is severely affecting Europe, including Hungary. In the spring, there were a large number of you who volunteered to ensure the smooth operation of the health care system. In recent weeks, your contributions have become needed again. Thank you very much for applying. However, we may need more volunteers in the coming days. You, as volunteers, can participate not only directly in patient care, but also in other activities necessary to maintain the economy and services in the current situation.

I ask all of you to set a good example in extending a helping hand. Although the virus is less dangerous to young, healthy people, observing health regulations is essential for everyone, as no one likes to be sick, and the virus can be transmitted by people without symptoms. If you have a chronic disease, please do not volunteer, for your own safety.

Of course, volunteering is not limited to an organized form, helping those in need in our environment (e.g. shopping assistance) can also mean a lot.

At the same time, the University is taking part in ensuring that the calls for volunteers on a national level, which have so far been mainly in the fields of diagnostics, patient care and information services, are successful. Therefore, our volunteer calls are constantly updated, information and application forms are available on the websites of the Faculties, the University Student Union, and the Faculty Student Unions. Become a hero and volunteer.

We are all in this together, we count on you.

Best wishes,

Dr Attila Miseta


University of Pécs

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