14 Lessons of the Pandemic






  1. A sudden change is not predictable, however, you can prepare in advance for it. Not with pre-established plans, regulations, but with flexibility, open-minded thinking and mobilisation of our resources, otherwise known as adaptation. This can mean a competitive advantage for the University of Pécs and every one of its faculties.
  2. A crisis can bring development, if after the necessary shock, we do not discuss the problems endlessly, but focus on finding solutions.
  3. Everybody is a partner, who wants to and can do something to solve everyday problems. And who would not be able to make decisions on their level, when they are entitled to do so?
  4. Trust must be the fundamental mode of operation within the university. Where there has been trust among the academic staff, students and coworkers, they have found the solutions faster.
  5. If we try to find win-win solutions, we will not be less, on the contrary! The individually invested knowledge, experience and work become a shared value among departments, institutes, clinics, offices, faculties and the university.
  6. Much depends on the leaders as well as on the coworkers, and our students. We are “wired” together, made for cooperation. We also have to learn that!
  7. Most of our coworkers have realized the advantages the university can offer: a safe workplace, financial stability, flexible work, and sometimes even emotional support.
  8. The new, digital education methods are different, than the traditional, however, they can be effective and experience-based as well. It is essential to develop and to embed these into the new learning environment.
  9. Much depends on establishing sensible and not overly bureaucratic systems, but even more depends on human relationships. In situations that needed a difficult or fast solution, we looked to each other instead of form-filling.
  10. The government management of the state of emergency has been good in a completely unknown situation. The correct measures must have contributed to Hungary being among the best to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.
  11. It is best to avoid people, who view the state of emergency, as an opportunity for self-fulfilment. This can happen, unfortunately.
  12. Communication has intensified, the processes have become more transparent, innovation and creativity have come from surprising places.
  13. We have seen our immediate surroundings and the world in a new light, new paradigms have been created, because we had no choice! Meanwhile – what a surprise – we have evolved!
  14. Everything changes, and change can bring something good as well! For this to happen, we have to learn about the world, ourselves, about cooperation and trust. I think we can do it. There is no other way!


Dr. Attila Miseta