Model Change - What Happened so Far

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The Senate of the University of Pécs decided at the end of January that the university will initiate the change of the higher education model from a state-run institution into a public foundation-maintained higher education institution serving public interest and functions.

Model Change - What Happened so Far

Task forces

At the same time, the Senate formulated a number of necessary conditions, and asked the university's representatives to pursue these in the negotiations with the ministry on the model change, and later in the negotiations with the foundation maintainer.

To this end, three committees, working in cooperation with each other under the supervision of the Rector, started their work at the end of February in the focus areas of the model change: Institutional Governance Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force; Asset and Management Task Force. Each task force is led by one of the vice-rectors, with teams of up to 8 people, with an emphasis on the involvement of deans, with the necessary representation of the apparatus.

Parliament decision

At the end of March, the Hungarian Parliament adopted the law on public interest trusts with public functions, submitted by Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics, by 134 votes in favour and 59 against. From this autumn, 70 percent of students will be able to continue their studies at a university operating under the new model.

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