Change of Model: University of Pécs to be Run by Foundation

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The Senate of the University of Pécs supports the initiative of the Rector and the Chancellor to initiate the conversion of the University of Pécs from a state-run higher education institution into a foundation-maintained higher education institution, in order to expand the University's resources and achieve the objectives of the Institutional Development Plan.

With 29 in favour, 9 against and 1 abstaining, the Senate of the University of Pécs voted for the model change with serious demands at an extraordinary online meeting of the Senate on 29 January, which was held at Univ Dormitory. The online event was open to the public: on UP's Hungarian website anyone interested could watch the meeting live.

Not a simple majority, but two-thirds in favour were needed in this historic vote due to the initiative of György Heidl, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The proposal includes, among other issues, the demand to provide freedom in education, research and artistic activities, the strengthening of the powers of the Senate, the preservation of the unity of the university, including all faculties, units and clinics, and the recommendation of members to the Board of Trustees, with respect to the complex training portfolio of the University of Pécs. Before the Senate meeting, intensive discussions took place, including faculty forums, at which the rector's leadership was personally present.

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