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The Rector of the University of Pécs and the President of the Board of Trustees of the Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis Foundation, which has become UP’s controlling authority from 1 August 2021 on, held a joint press conference. Both Attila Miseta and József Bódis emphasized that university developments, which will also have a positive impact on the economy of the region, can only be implemented by thinking together and working together. The event took place on 30 July in the Halasy-Nagy József Hall.

I have said it before and my opinion has not changed since then: the model change will open up new opportunities for the University - said Rector Attila Miseta at the press conference. However, it is important for us to be able to make use of these opportunities. All of us here in this room, the members of the Board of Trustees and the Supervisory Board, the Senators and the Rector's leadership, have the same goal: to develop the University and to amplify its role and recognition in Hungary and abroad. This is why we will continue to work in the future, in a new model that I hope will enhance both the speed as well as the flexibility of operation - highlighted the Rector.

The foundation aims to work together with the university's management and the Senate, for the benefit of the university - continued József Bódis, Secretary of State for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Training of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis Foundation.

The change in the higher education model has understandably prompted a reaction from everyone, as this type of operating model was previously unknown in Hungarian higher education. However, the controlling authority has now become personal and identifiable, and this proximity creates an opportunity to think and act together! Indeed, we would like to make significant developments that would be a huge step forward for the region, both economically and scientifically. To give some examples, the implementation of the Science Park and the University's development package is in the interest of all of us, but it would be important for it to be coordinated by the University's management, the Senate and the Foundation, with the agreement of the key players in the region. Then, this new era will be a real success story for the University of Pécs - concluded József Bódis.

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