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Research Groups of the Faculty of Law

MTA-PTE Research Group of Labour Law

Leader: Dr. György Kiss

Web: http://mta-pte.ajk.pte.hu/index.php?lang=hu&link=kutatas

With the grant of the Hungarian Academy of Science the MTA-PTE Research Group of Labour Law was established at the University of Pécs on 1. January 2012 to conduct research under the title "Effect of the globalised economy on labour law: The future of European and Hungarian labour law in the context of the great regions." The resarch is set for 5 years; during this period 8 Hungarian and 14 foreign professors cooperate in the group led by Professor Dr. György Kiss. The aim of the research is to explore the development and directions of labour law policy, legislation, and legal practice in the great region of the world, further to assess the situation of the Hungarian labour law and employment policy, and finally to draft a proposal for a future transformation of the structure of Hungarian employment law. Our research focuses primarily on the following themes:

    • The recent develpoments in labour law: the changing institutions of traditional labour law
    • The analysis of the structure and content of labour law aiming at the elaboration of a new employment policy
    • European labour law in the context of other legal cultures: development, compulsion, and opportunity.
    • The situation of Hungarian labour law: competitiveness and/or social security.


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