Pécsi Tudományegyetem

University of Pécs


Technology Transfer Office

The University of Pécs is the most important knowledge base of the South Transdanubian Region.


The concept of knowledge base primarily includes research results, capacities and services. A knowledge base gains its importance and value for the community and the Region as the knowledge emreging here gets utilised directly, resulting in immediate economic and social advantages. Consequently, the aim of the Office for the Utilisation of Research Products and Technology Transfer is to create an environment that provides for an optimal flow of knowledge for the local knowledge bases and innovative entrepreneurs. Our responsibilities also include the development of innovative activities that align research activity with needs of the economy, research cooperation and offering services. We do hope that this activity will also contribute to increasing the revenues of the University.


Responsibilities of the TTO:

  • regular assessment of innovation and research potentials of the University of Pécs, developing and maintaining the data base
  • identifying intellectual products produced at the University of Pécs, developing and managing a research product portfolio (taking the necessary measuresfor the protection of industrial property, utilisation, management of innovation)
  • counseling in the fields of innovation management and protection of industrial property
  • providing administrative support for the Innovation Commitee of the University of Pécs, preparing decisions
  • generating innovation projects, building partnerships
  • making contracts of utilisation with Hungarian and foreign partners
  • supervising of spin-off companies founded for the utilisation of individual intellectual products
  • assessing the innovation needs of the economy and transferring the assessment to the research community
  • pursuing innovation marketing activity offering research-and-development and innovation services, establishing contacts with companies
  • disseminating knowledge in the form of trainings, forums and partner-meetings for the players of the research community and the economy alike
  • participating in international and national professioanl organisations and networks.


In our work we rely on a tight cooperation with the specialits of thematic InnoPoints and competency centers.

More information: http://innovacio.pte.hu/en


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