Pécsi Tudományegyetem

University of Pécs


Services for special needs students at the UP

The aim of the service is to help students with special needs (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, reduced mobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment, etc.).

Special transportation means for the SN students of the UP


1. Services regarding studies

  • Help during studies-related administration
  • Reading out and recording lecture notes (for students with visual impairment)
  • Lending special equipment
  • Help during library visits
  • Help in typing or editing or printing written documents (e.g. assignments)
  • Visual information „translated“ into acoustic information, reading out charts (for students with hearing impairment)
  • Typing and editing notes, information (for students with hearing impairment)
  • Accompanying and transport within and out of the university campus
  • Photocopying, amplification of written texts
  • Other forms of help to read out texts
  • Lifting (for students with reduced mobility), transportation


2. Transportation Service

The aim of this service is to ease access to public services and education. The service uses a special minibus equipped for persons with special needs. An electric lifting machine and special fixing equipment make transport possible especially for people using a wheelchair. (Of course we are ready to transport students with other disabilities as well.)

The service minibus is available when:

  • approaching the University
  • visiting public services (hospitals, library, offices, etc.)
  • going home
  • or during other transportation tasks


3. Mental Care

We help you keep contact with your environment (chats, common events, transportation, etc.). 

  • Proper treatment for possible mental harm (finding the proper expert, if needed)
  • Preventing crisis situations, treating actual crisis situations


4. Events

  • Club afternoons (e.g. movie nights on demands of the students) with transportation to the university and home
  • Reading out journals with actual news from the world
  • Chats
  • Going outdoors with help
  • Visiting cultural or sport events


Office address: Pécs, 6 Ifjúság Street, Building „A”, room 130. (A/130)

Office hours: Monday – Thursday 08.00-18.00 and Friday 08.00-16.00

To make appointments please call: Monday – Sunday: 00 36 72 501 500 / extension 24014


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