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University of Pécs Research-Development and Innovation Strategy, 2011-2020


The University of Pécs Senate accepted the Research-Development and Innovation Strategy of the University for the 2011-2020 period on 15th December 2011. The document was created as a result of nearly a year’s worth of planning and group work, during which we analysed our situation and based on that we set medium- and long term goals and defined the necessary actions. Our progress is measured by annually assessed indicators. 

With the acceptance of the R+D+I Strategy the University of Pécs declared its commitment towards being a research university and towards innovation.


We define our vision as follows:


  1. R+D+I activity is a defining value of the University of Pécs, in harmony with scientific activities. It is highly recognised within the University, the leadership of the UP can continuously provide the creative and financial background needed to nurture R+D+I activities;
  2. the University is a renowned, competitive stakeholder in the national R+D+I market, while in international research projects of certain fields we are partners providing considerable added scientific value;
  3. the ratio of basic and applied research in the R+D+I portfolio of the University of Pécs is suitably proportioned, the majority of research results get utilised, the UP is able to participate in the whole R+D+I process chain;
  4. the UP is well distinguishable from the other institutions of national higher education with its exceptional achievements in some scientific fields, but also shows continuous progress in all relevant sciences (e.g. centre of excellence).


Our goals are defined in the following areas:


UP Research Goals


Download the University of Pécs Research-Development and Innovation Strategy, 2011-2020 (PDF) » 


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