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The University of Pécs is already the third strongest university in Hungary

According to the latest university ranking published by the HVG (Hungarian weekly magazine on economy) our university improved its position and this time proved to be the third strongest university in Hungary. Moreover, two faculties of the university demanded a place for themselves among the top 10 of the Hungarian faculties: the Faculty of Humanities and the Medical School were also placed in the leading group.

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The integrated institutional and faculty ranking consists this year also the ranking of the students and the professors. The components of the ranking taken into consideration are the number of students, the number and proportion of professors with academic degrees, the number of students per the number of professors with academic degree and the proportion of professors with title of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. They used the number of candidates applied to the university at first place, the point average of the admitted students, the proportion of the admitted students with language exam and number of high-school students rated in high school competitions. – wrote Eduline news.
The University of Pécs improved its position compared to the previous years and reached the third position in the integrated ranking. “The University of Pécs reached a better position based on the data of the professors.”- highlighted the university publication of the HVG referring to the outstanding indicators of the professors of the UP. Furthermore, the university has great results in the comparison of the faculties, because the Faculty of Humanities and the Medical School are also among the top 10 faculties.
Gyula Berke, vice rector of the UP said about the ranking:
"The management of the university defined the further development of the excellence of professors as a strategic goal. We are pleased that the invested work and energy appear in these results and also in the students1 reflection. So we can start the jubilee year of the university worthily in 2017."


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