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PTE 1367 Historical Memorial Run

On the occasion of celebrating the 650th anniversary of the University of Pécs, the Central Sport Office is organizing the PTE 1367 Historical Memorial Run on 26 April 2016.


The original aim is to have 1367 runners who will run exactly 1367 meters.

The anniversary run will be started together from 2 locations: Rókus hill and 48 Hero Square and it ends in Széchenyi Square. After the running we are planning to organize a little happening on Széchenyi Square.

The objective of the event organized together with the Dezső Kosztolányi Target Association is helping the school enrollment of Hungarians children beyond the border. For this purpose each runner payed a nominal registration fee: 200 HUF last year. This year we would like to offer the received money for the primary school of one of the Hungarian villages beyond the border.

Every Runner will receive a unique university T-shirt for their participation (there is an option for pre-registration by our Running Ambassadors or you can get the unique T-shirt at place of your starting location).

Registration: Apply our Running Ambassadors or register at place of your starting location (registration: 17:00-17:40).

The event is FREE!

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More info: Zoárd Halmos (egyetemisport.pte@gmail.com)





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