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PEN/ Pécs University Festival - where everyone wanted to be from Pécs

Everybody wanted to be from Pécs…

or at least be in Pécs during the Pécs University Days - aka PEN.

Huge party, full house, fantastic mood and the best of Hungarian music.

Pécs University Days / Source: PEN FB page


The biggest cultural and entertaining series of events of the University of Pécs and Pécs was organized from 27-29 April 2018 in Zsolnay Cultural Quarter to show everybody what it feels like to be a university student in Pécs. Many performers said that PEN/ Pécs University Days has become the opening event of the Hungarian open-air festival season. 


Pécs University Days / Source: PEN FB page


The organizers have done their job well in 2018 as well, since everybody was here, without whom a festival is not a real Hungarian festival, furthermore they also invited performers, who are known world-wide. 

Tankcsapda, Halott Pénz, Supernem, Punanny, Brains, Kowalsky and Lost Frequencies gave fantastic concerts, just to name a few of the performers. 


Pécs University Days / Source: PEN FB page


The service was great as well, with more food and drink stations than last year, although there can never be enoguh of them at a festival, right? Between two concerts the "kiss cam" provided entertainment for the audience. One could watch concerts from the back of a truck, or drink above the route 6 in the Sky Bar. There was a discussion in Gallery Nádor, and one could enjoy the great weather, beautiful surroundings and even greater concerts.


Pécs University Days / Source: PEN FB page


The University Student Council organized the Voice of the University contest for the second time. The very popular Voice of UP Final was organized on Zero Day. The winner was also announced: Szófia Édelmann from Bóly.


Pécs University Days / Source: PEN FB page


To sum it up: it has been fun! #seeyouthere #nextyear ...

Written by: Bence Cselik


You shall not pass!