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Pham Tran Hung, the physicist, who wants to understand the Universe.

Pham Tran Hung, the physicist


Why did you choose to study in Hungary?

The Hungarian government offered me a full scholarship, which was quite tempting. Additionally, before I came here, I had been told that Hungarians were very friendly and helpful, which is absolutely true according to my personal experience.


What aspects made you choose UP?

Pécs, as opposed to Budapest, is a quiet and peaceful place, which is more suitable for me and I also looked up the university and found it promising. And the new English Programme  also added to its appeal.


Why Physics?

The Universe has always been a curious and mysterious place and there is no other subject which is better at exploring it than the one trying to model the Universe.


The English programme at the Faculty of Sciences was just launched when you started your studies. What is your opinion about the university?

Although there are some problems due to the novelty of the system, everything has been quite smooth thanks to the enthusiastic help from all people at the university. My courses are also quite enjoyable since lecturers try to adjust their teaching to my ability.


How do you see yourself in the future? Will you begin an Msc programme at UP? And what comes after that?

Since there are quite a few options when it comes to decide where to start my MSc degree programme, I do not have a strict plans, UP, however, is definitely high on my list.  I have some ideas what I should do after MSc, but I still want to keep my options open, because anything can happen and I am open for new ideas.


When someone asks you about living in Hungary, especially in Pécs, what comes to your mind first? How do you like it here? Would you stay here and settle down?

Pécs is one of my most favourable cities. I am glad I can say that I feel relaxed and safe in this city. One thing I truly love about the city is that almost everything is within one hour walking distance, so I nearly never get to use any kind of public transportation. I rather walk as Pécs is a lovely place to do it, with all its trees and vintage buildings. I am not an out-going type of person, so I prefer peaceful places. Though my family and most of my friends are not here, and I do not speak the language, I would still keep Pécs at the back of my mind when it comes to settling down.


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