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The library of the university - information guide

The library of the university—with its information system, processed substance and service-centric staff— provides the literary supply of citizens of the university. It is physically present on every campus; its integrated library network is made up of 17 library units. (http://www.lib.pte.hu/en/about-us).

University Library of Pécs and Centre for Learning


The number of its documents is over 1,600,000. The number of its subscribed online databases is over 20, which covers the fullness of the sciences taught in the university. These databases are only available to UP citizens. http://www.lib.pte.hu/en/adatbazis?dbstype=all

The library's predecessor, the first public library in Hungary, was founded by bishop György Klimo in 1774. The Klimo Collection—as a part of the University Library and Centre for Learning—can be found in 3 Szepesy Ignác Street. http://www.lib.pte.hu/tgyo/tgyo-klimo-konyvtar-muzeum


Approaching the Knowledge Centre of the UP / Photo: Szabolcs Csortos


The use of the library network is free of charge for every UP citizen but is subject to registration. For enrolment in the library, ID card or passport and UP student ID are required. Library services can be used with valid library card in every library of the network.

In 2010, Pécs won the title of European Capital of Culture, in which project the modern building of the Centre for Learning was built. (2/a Universitas Street Pécs) Since then, this building is the centre of the university library network. Here operates the Central Library, the Benedek Ferenc Library of the Faculties of Law and Business – Economics as well as the Csorba Győző Library maintained by the City of Pécs. The library is located on 13,000 square meters, on 7 levels. Its reading room has hundreds of seats. Free parking is available.

The library in the Centre for Learning is open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, on Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm and in exam period until midnight. There is also a restaurant and bookstore in the building.

The most important available services include reading room usage, book rental, photocopying, scanning, printing and wifi usage.


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