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Jubilee Programmes in October

On September 1. the University of Pécs celebrated the 650th anniversary of its foundation as the first university in Hungary. In October we warmly welcome you with several scientific and cultural events. Celebrate with us, visit our programmes!

Open4Business Businessman Meeting and Conference
4-6th of October
Commercial Centre Pécs (Pécs, Majorossy I. Street 36.)

Diplomats from several countries, delegates from sister cities, entrepreneurs of the machine, supply, environmental, food industries and the ICT sector are participating in the event.


III. International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference


III. International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference
5-6th of October
Szentágothai János Research Centre (Pécs, Ifjúság Street 20.)

The conference, which is joined by Design Week this year, aims to show the current position of the world-changing 3D printing technology. Visit our events and programmes including many lectures discussing technology from the basics and beyond. The programmes are free but reservation is necessary.


Jubilee DesignPécs Week international exhibition, conference and book launch


Jubilee DesignPécs Week international exhibition, conference and book launch
6-20th of October
Nádor Gallery (Pécs, Széchenyi Square 15.)

Similarly to recent years, venues managed by the city, university researchers, professors, and students, as well as more than 30 businesses cooperate to display the Design the South: fashion, glove industry, organ manufacturing, applied arts, jewellery making, architecture and interior design, 3D technologies and possibilities of their application, vehicle production, design, handicraft
products, audio-visual technologies; film and video.


University and universality – Place and role of the University of Pécs in Europe from the middle ages to present day


University and universality – Place and role of the University of Pécs in Europe from the middle ages to present day
12-13th of October
Pécs Diocese - Magtár Visitor Centre (Pécs, Aradi vértanúk Road)

Celebrating the foundation jubilee of the ancient Pécs University, a two day long international conference is held discussing the most recent research findings of the PTE Library and Knowledge Centre and the PTE Faculty of Humanities, History Institute in the field of the Hungarian and European history of third-level education.


Past and present. The buildings of the University of Pécs


Past and present. The buildings of the University of Pécs
18th October – 8th December
Opening ceremony: October 18. 18:00
Cella Septichora (Pécs, Szent István Square)

Archive records, postcards and recent photos made in the workshop of the University Archives Institute display probably the most important infrastructural background of the University and its predecessors: the buildings. The bilingual (English and Hungarian) publication’s target audience is not just the professionals, it also invites the alumni and current students of the University and the residents of the city for a time travel. The material of the publication and the exhibition was collected and prepared by István Lengvári and Judit Ruprech.


We reserve the right to change our programs!
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