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Jubilee 650 PTE Day at the Széchenyi and Jókai square

Celebrating the foundation of the first Hungarian university, the University of Pécs organizes an all day event which is open to the public.

Jubilee 650 PTE Day


2nd of September 10:00-22:00
Széchenyi square - Jókai square



HALOTT PÉNZ, Talent show for children, PTE Dance Team, XY Flies, Pítherapy, Zinger band, DJ Venom, Pannon  Children's Choir, Opera, operetta and musical songs, Pole dance, Air dance, PTE Integrated Art Group


PTE 1367 Quiz game, Blood donation, Health measurements and counselling, Live radio broadcasting with wishes, Animations for adults and children, Tale corner, Street ball, Skittles, Badminton, Chess, Bartendaz, Pole dance education, Gift shopping, Highway code games, Electronic minibikes, Wheel of fortune, Property protection tests, Crime prevention puzzle, Social Inclusion Program


Pneumatic car exhibition, Orca energy saver car exhibition, Exhibition of architecture students, Pneumatic games, Sight and movement perception games, Teddy Bear Hospital, Dental prevention games, Literary-artisan workshop, Live my life – sensitizing social (adult) live role play, Wound tattoo making, Intubation and resuscitation training, ’Kutyabaj’ Program for children, Health visitor corner, Confucius Institution, Tea making, essential oil making, Play with your sense-organs, Wheelchair racing in obstacle course


After Party (Pécsi Est Café)


Children get a chance to show their talents in prose and poetry, recitation, and dancing and singing contests at the event. Nádor Art Gallery, the history exhibition of the University and the temporal exhibition of Klimó Library can be visited free of charge during the day.

The closing act of the PTE Day is a grand concert of the band Halott Pénz.


More information: http://jubileum650ptenap.pte.hu

Programs of the event are free of charge and may be subject to change.

All are welcome!


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You shall not pass!