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Hungarians in Brazil third Conference

Hungarians in Brazil Conference for the third time continued its main mission: to process the history of Hungarian migration to Brazilian soil. 

Ákos Jarjabka, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs


On one of the lectures of the program, Ákos Jarjabka (Faculty of Business and Economics) greeted the participants on behalf of the University of Pécs and highlighted the cooperation possibilities between the institutions.


Prof. Dr. Raul Machado Neto, head of an international cooperation agency on the behalf of the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) and Dr Zoltán Dubéczi on the behalf of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) signed a cooperation agreement on 7 December 2017. Under the terms of the framework agreement, parties agreed to assist student and teacher mobility between USP and Hungarian institutions, joint research activities, programs and events related to science.


Hungarians in Brazil, Third Conference


The Conference is the result of an ever-closer relationship between Brazil and Hungary with success in the field of culture and education thanks to the joint efforts of the Hungarian Embassy in Brazil, the Hungarian Consulate General of São Paulo, the Hungarian Rectors' Conference, the University of Pécs and the Universidad de São Paulo.


The conference was organized by the leaders of the Hungarian language and culture course at the Universidade de São Paulo with the financial support of Pallas Athena Domus Animae Foundation (PADA) of the Hungarian National Bank.


Gabriella Szemerey, director of the PADA Foundation of the Hungarian National Bank, opened the event in Portuguese, which was a great success among the audience.


Mihály Boros at the piano

By: Tamás Nádai, International Studies Center

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