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University of Pécs


Happy Birthday, University of Pécs!

Last year, a new tradition was established: adding a fleur-de-lis (Anjou-lily) figurine to the palette placed in the Senate room at the start of every academic year.


Dr. Attila Miseta rector adding the 651th fleur-de-lis; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs


In 2017, the University of Pécs celebrated the 650th anniversary of its foundation in 1367 with many extraordinary events in the jubilee year. As a reminder of this great heritage, the unique artwork of Zsuzsa Tóth sculptor was placed on the floor of meeting room of the Senate. The work is a navy-blue surface decorated with golden fleur-de-lis figurines, in the memory of King Louis the Great. Each lily represents one year in the life of our institution. The 650th fleur-de-lis was placed on the artwork by Dr. József Bódis, the then rector of the University of Pécs, thereby establishing a tradition.


Senate meeting; 651-years old University; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs



On 13 September 2018, at the Senate meeting, Dr. Attila Miseta rector placed the 651th fleur-de-lis in the Senate room. Happy 651th birthday, University of Pécs!



You shall not pass!