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UI GreenMetric released the results of its UI Green Metric World Ranking Universities last year. This is the seventh edition of ranking which compares universities’ efforts towards campus sustainability and environment friendly university management. In 2016 the University of Pécs occupies the 4th position of the Hungarian universities included in this ranking. Globally it’s in position 355.

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UI GreenMetric World University Ranking on Sustainability is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia which was  launched in 2010 to promote sustainability in higher education institutions worldwide. It allows universities to share their experience and best practices on sustainability issues, as well as to measure their sustainability policy, facilitating a comparison between them.


The results are computed from information provided by universities online. The information is organized under 6 main categories. These categories, and their weightings are: Green Statistics (15%), Energy and Climate Change (21%), Waste management (18%), Water usage (10%), Transportation (18%), and Education (18%). In the seventh edition in 2016, the University of Pécs occupies the 4th position among  the Hungarian universities included in this ranking. Globally it’s in place  355.


UI Green Metric


“Actually nearly 200 courses deal with environmental issues and sustainable development at the University of Pécs, the institution pays  a significant amount of money to  researches, and the number of the publications in this topic is also remarkable  . Thus the “green idea” is lively, but we have a lot to do to give it  a significant role in the everyday life of the university.” – mentioned  Dr. Szabolcs Czigány, associate professor of the Faculty of Sciences, the Professional Coordinator of the competition.


In the last years several concepts and programmes inspired by the green idea propagated the environmental awareness at the University of Pécs. The changes in students’ approach can be  unequivocally experienced, they become more sensitive to  the green idea. It is also demonstrated that on  an average working day 800 students use bicycle to come to the university. The so-called “green details,” that draw the attention to the importance of the selective waste collection, also play  a more important  role at the faculties.


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“The Modern Cities Programmes also consider it important to apply environmental and energy conscious solutions. The newly planned building of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, the International Education Building will also be a kind of “smart building.” It is widely known, that  health care has the biggest energy demand, so from the point of view of  economic sustainability the implementation of the projects with renewable energies is  very important. The latest buildings with the biggest energy demand got solar systems. The competition  to get more funding and to broaden the circle of these systems is continuous.” – said Zoltán Jenei, Chancellor.


This year 516 universities from 74 countries took part, which is an increase compared to  last year with 407 universities from 65 countries.

University of California, Davis in the USA was ranked first, followed by University of Nottingham in the UK and the third position is held by Waganigen University and Research, the Netherlands.

Besides the US, the UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, South America, Chinese Taipei and countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, the 2016 results include universities from Algeria, Bahrain, Finland, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway  and Venezuela.


The ranking is available: http://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/overall-ranking-2016/


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