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The Dancing University celebrated with a full house show

 The Dancing University of the University of Pécs celebrated its 15th anniversary with a Jubilee Gala.


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The main purpose of the Dancing University project is to introduce the world of dancing to the university citizens and the adult inhabitants of the region. During the 15 years we could apply for almost 60 kinds of dance courses and exercise courses. The more than 25.000 registered participants of the courses prove the popularity of the initiative.



The Dance and exercise room in the Ifjúság Street campus was handed over ceremoniously on the occasion of the jubilee which means the PTE has the biggest dance room of the city and the county.The more than 300 m2 big, beautifully decorated room with mirror, parquet floor and ballet rod is ideal place for the courses of the Dancing University.



On the occassion of the anniversary we could enjoy a Carnival Party with the PTE Brass Band and PTE Dance Team in the yard of the Faculty of Sciences. Together with them several visitors arrived the place of the Gala after the Dancing University Carnival from Ifjúság Street to Szigeti Road.



There were dance shows, dancer’s fashion show in the programme and the audience could take part in cheerful games. The evening was closed with the show of the Szenes Iván Award winner singer, Csaba Vastag with the cooperation of the PTE Dance Team.



Photos: Szabolcs Csortos


You shall not pass!