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Congratulations, You Have Chosen Right!

The ground floor lecture hall of the Center for Learning was completely filled on 3 September with the 177 exchange students for whom an Orientation Day was organized. The students come from 35 countries from 75 partner institutions of the University of Pécs, each one of our 10 faculties are hosting some of them. At the event organized by the Centre of International Relations the Erasmus+ programme coordinators have also been present from every faculty.


Orientation Day for exchange students; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécsOrientation Day for exchange students; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs 


Judit Németh, head of the International Erasmus Office was the first to greet the exchange students, followed by Prof. Dr. Bernadette Péley, vice rector for academic affairs, who welcomed them on behalf of the leadership of the university. “I hope you will have a chance to establish not only new friendships, but new cooperation in your scientific fields as well” – said the vice rector. Dr. István Tarrósy, director of the Centre for International Relations said warm words of welcome to the students coming with Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes to study at the University of Pécs in the autumn semester of the 2018/2019 academic year. “Congratulations, you have chosen right! Pécs is a historical, safe, multicultural spot” – emphasized the director. He gave a short introduction of the cultural diversity of Pécs, quoting a passage from the founding charter of the university, which stated as early as 1367 that this city is especially suitable for the dissemination of the seeds of knowledge. He gave an overview of the international relations of the university as well.


Orientation Day for exchange students; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs 


Péter Árvai, institutional Erasmus+ assistant shared some useful pieces of information with the audience on matters of temporary residence permit, enrolment, and other practicalities necessary for the university students’ life. Let me share some of the important tips:

  1. Do not be late for class!
  2. Go to classes!
  3. Ask questions!


Dr. Zsuzsa Koltai invited the students to enrol in interesting English language courses about the cultural heritage of Hungary and Pécs. They are also encouraged to learn Hungarian as a foreign language, while they are here. It has been emphasized throughout the orientation day, that the students should dedicate some time to explore the region and enjoy their time here, meet new people and make some friends as well.


Orientation Day for exchange students; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs 


Beatrix Perjés, colleague of the Marketing Department, who recently received the “For the Cultural Development of the University” Award, briefly introduced the unique Dancing University programme, which has been launched in 2000. She announced that the exchange students are also welcome at the dance and movement courses offered in the autumn semester. The award-winning Dance Team of the University is also recruiting, however, there is an audition for those who would like to join.


Orientation Day for exchange students; photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs 


The head of the Erasmus Student Network Pécs (ESN Pécs), Milán Töltősi spoke about the various programmes and events organized by them. Costa Fasheh gave some ideas of what to expect during the semester: country presentations, sports day, Balkan trip and other interesting events await the exchange students. He also introduced the brand new ESN mascot, ‘Moustache’:


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Ő Moustache, az ESN kabalaállatkája, ma debütált az Erasmus és egyéb csereprogramok hallgatóinak szóló orientációs napon! :) #erasmuspécs #esnpécs #iesn #esnmoustache #esnmascot @esnpecs

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The exchange students in terms of numbers: the most students come through the Erasmus+ programme, 141 students in this semester. Further 17 students arrived in Pécs through Exchange Studies, 10 with Study Abroad, 8 International Credit Mobility Studies and 2 students came with Makovecz Scholarship. The most students came from Spain (35), France has won the silver medal with 22 students, and the bronze goes to Turkey with 16 students. The majority of the exchange students stay for a semester.

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