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Attila Miseta nominated for rector by the Senate of UP

The University of Pécs held a Senate Meeting to elect the new nominated rector of the university in the József Halasy-Nagy Aula on 18 December 2017. Attila Miseta has won the majority of the votes, therefore he is going to be nominated on behalf of the university at the Ministry of Human Capacities for the highest governing position of UP from 1 July 2018.

Attila Miseta nominated for rector by the Senate of UP


The mandate of the current rector, József Bódis is going to end with 30 June 2018. There were four valid entries for election, however, Bálint Bachmann withdrew his application before the Senate meeting on 18 December 2017. At the meeting, which was public, he confirmed his withdrawal.


Each of three candidates (József Betlehem, Róbert Gábriel and Attila Miseta) gave 5-minute speeches, after which the first round of voting began. 41 members of the Senate each gave a vote one by one, the Chair of the Electorial Committee, Adrián Fábián presided over this part of the meeting and guaranteed that everything was in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the University and the law. In the first round, József Betlehem has won 15 votes, Attila Miseta has won 15 votes and Róbert Gábriel has won 11 votes. The voting was valid, but without a majority, so a second round was needed, from which the candidate with the least votes was excluded. The second round was also valid with following result: Attila Miseta has won the majority of the votes (23), and József Betlehem has won 18.


According to the results of the Senate meeting, Attila Miseta, Dean of the Medical School is going to be nominated by the University of Pécs to fill the position of rector from 1 July 2018. After this election at the university, the Minister of State for Education recommends a candidate for rector, and it is the President who appoints the rector of the University of Pécs.


Attila Miseta was born in 1960 in Kaposvár. He has been teaching at the University of Pécs since 1984. He received his PhD degree in 1995, his habilitation in 2000, and in 2004 he has become a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has been the Dean of the Medical School since 2010, and since 2013 he is also the director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine. His main topic of research is molecular biology. Among other prizes, he has won: the Markusovszky Prize; for supporting the Hungarian language medical education in Transylvania he has won the István Báthory Prize; the Péter Bálint Prize, and he has been awarded the Pro Communitate Prize of Pécs in 2014.


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