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University of Pécs


UP among the top 3.6 percent of higher educational institutions!

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has published its latest 2015 ranking list. The University of Pécs secured a position for itself among the world’s thousand top universities as well. Ranked as 893th means that the UP keeps its position and therefore still belongs to the leading 3,6% of international higher education institutions worldwide!


Results are based on the performance of eight criteria by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR - http://cwur.org/), including the quality of education, employment of graduates, the excelllence of the instructors, the number of publications, citation rates, and the number of patents. 


The first three aspects are taken into consideration as a priority since they are conisdered 25-25 percent of the total score. The quality of education is measured on the basis of the number of the international awards gained by the alumni of the institution. The number of graduates employed as CEO-s around the world is important at the criterium named „employment of graduates”.



József Bódis, rector of the University of Pécs emphasized on the basis of the result: „It is exceptional to belong to the top 4% of the world in any field, and so it is in the field of science and higher education. Each lecturer, researcher, former and present student of our University can be proud of this success. It should be noted, however, that the University of Pécs could be in an even more prominent position if the successes in the areas of art would be count toward these international higher education rankings as well. The UP has world leader trombone artist and and several violinists who belong to the word's elite. If these indicators were taken into consideration we we could make a huge step forward”.


You shall not pass!