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Both TED and TEDx provide a background for distributing ideas that are worth spreading. The non-profit organization that was launched 30 years ago in California has grown into a worldwide platform, quite similar to a movement. On 15 February 2018 – with a completely sold out event - Pécs also joined the list of TEDx conferences.

The University Student Council announces the Voice of UP Talent Show of 2018!

The International Spring is organized for the second time at the University of Pécs in order to celebrate the diversity of the more than 4000 international students from all over the world. 

You are warmly welcome to view the most beautiful creations of the Egg decorating course of the János Szentágothai Scientific Students' Association, that will be exhibited from 1-22 March 2018. 

The Russian Centre of the University of Pécs offers Russian language courses with English as an intermediary language for students of the University of Pécs.

In the spring semester of the 2017/2018 academic year several Erasmus students arrived at 10 faculties of the University of Pécs within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The UP Centre for International Relations organized an Orientation Day for foreign students studying at the UP on 5 February. The event was held in the Knowledge Centre of UP.

Seeing the growing popularity of the English services and taking into consideration the demands of many, we are glad to announce that there will be a Catholic service in English in Pius Church on each Saturday at 5pm during term-time. 

Assistant Professor Amy Coren has spent the fall semester of 2017/18 in Pécs, teaching various courses at different faculties of the University of Pécs. This conference is an overview of her interdisciplinary cooperation, organized in her honour. Anyone interested is warmly welcome to attend the conference.

The Institute of Music of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts is offering several great opportunities for music lovers! There are numerous unique concerts available this spring!


You shall not pass!