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We are soon celebrating Christmas with an English language Christmas Carol Service to which all are warmly welcome.

The Ministry of Human Capacities invited applications for the Rectorial Election 2017. On 18 December 2017 a Senate Meeting will be held in order to elect the new rector of the University of Pécs. 

The Senate of the University of Pécs conferred the Honoris Causa Doctor title upon Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, former president of the Republic of Poland on 8 December 2017. At the ceremonial senate meeting it was highlighted that he was the first European politician, who as an Eastern-Central European received a leading role in the united Europe, furthermore he is one of the first European statesmen, who have always supported the cooperation of Visegrad countries. Donald Tusk has made an effort to deepen and widen the range of Hungarian-Polish relations, he has been an active participant of the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day celebrated annually since 2007. 

A brand new, free service from the Faculty of Law at UP is to be launched offering help to know your way around the labyrinth of legal issues. Dr. Adrián Fábián, head of department and deputy dean speaks about the new program which is the first of this kind of service in Hungary.

Pham Tran Hung, the physicist, who wants to understand the Universe.

Nowadays more and more people want to go to university. Some choose this to create a better future, some just do not know what to do with their life and there are some who know perfectly why they chose that particular school, faculty,  or department. For many people it is quite easy and obvious that after finishing high school they go to a university but for a lot of other people it is not that evident. There are many people who need to leave their country and their family to be able to continue their education on an academic level. TumursurenErdenetsolmon, known as Erka, is one of them. He has had a tough journey but finally he has reached his number one goal and studies at PTE. Now he has more goals to fight for. Follow his journey:

I had a conversation with Anikó Kramm, Head of the Office at the Admissions and German Student Service Centre. She explained in which cases the MS students could get help and her colleague Kálmán Sebők, who works as management consultant there.

The library of the university—with its information system, processed substance and service-centric staff— provides the literary supply of citizens of the university. It is physically present on every campus; its integrated library network is made up of 17 library units. (http://www.lib.pte.hu/en/about-us).

Thanks to Government decree no. 1035/2016. (II.9.), the Modern Cities Programme has opened a source of funds amounting to 24 bn forints for the University of Pécs, the purpose of which is to enhance the competitiveness of the university, to provide infrastructure for increasing the number of students, to improve the quality of education and to increase the number of foreign students. The allocated support is an opportunity not to miss in order to accelerate the development of this institute with its traditional background and to set in onto a new track and enhance its attraction and image. In this process, the mission of the university is to continue to pass on accumulated knowledge, play an active role in research activities and to provide high quality healthcare.  

I learned about the Erasmus+ program during my first semester at the University of Pécs, in Pécs, Hungary. Our coordinator offered ample information regarding the program, placements, and conditions for Erasmus semesters abroad. I was immediately intrigued. After applying and receiving notification that I had been admitted to the European Studies program at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, I began preparing for the trip. Of the many “student cities” in Europe, Kraków seemed particularly appealing; a strong academic record, low prices, plenty of student support, and a vibrant music and arts scene. I found the transition very easy. 


You shall not pass!