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You must have heard about the creative and inventive spirit of Hungarians. Wherever you go in the world, you will likely bump into Hungarian inventions and life achievements. There are a great number of objects used day by day all over the world which have been invented or developed by Hungarians, even if most people are not aware of their origins. 


Did you know that the developers of nuclear engineering, the Model T Ford, Microsoft Office, the binary code and the zeppelin were all Hungarian-Americans? You may ask yourself where this magical talent of Hungarians comes from. It is often referred to our unique language, which gives a totally different way of thinking than any other languages. Dig a little deeper and check out our selection proving the Hungarian talent in a nutshell and believe the facts!


Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners

Did you know that native Hungarians and scientists of Hungarian origin received a Nobel Prize on more than 20 occasions? 

Prize Holder Year of conferral Field
Fülöp Lénárd 1905 Physics
Róbert Bárány 1914 Medicine
Richárd Zsigmondy 1925 Chemistry
Albert Szent-Györgyi 1937 Medicine
György Hevesy 1943 Chemistry
György Békésy 1961 Medicine
Jenő Wigner 1963 Physics
Dénes Gábor 1971 Physics
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek 1976 Medicine
Milton Friedman 1976 Economics
Elie Wiesel 1986 Nobel Peace Prize
János Polányi 1986 Chemistry
János Harsányi 1994 Economics
György Oláh 1994 Chemistry
Imre Kertész 2002 Literature
Ferenc Herskó 2004 Chemistry


Famous Hungarians and their creations »
A wide list of famous Hungarians »
Contemporary success stories »

This unique online magazine was created by Monika Gabor, a successful and honoured young Hungarian author. There are so many recent success stories involving entrepreneurs, designers, innovators and inspiring personalities of Hungarian origin, however, this positive news mostly go unnoticed in the international press. This is how the idea emerged to create and offer a space exclusively dedicated to these new Hungarian ventures, their successful founders and inspiring ideas.


Sports Achievements & Olympic Champions »

In spite of being a small country, Hungary is currently ranked 8th in the Olympic table of medals awarded with 159 Gold, 141 Silver and 159 Bronze (a total of 459 medals from 24 games that they have participated in).


Hungarian intellectual creations that are indispensable in everyday life

This volume aims to provide a thorough and clear yet scientifically accurate introduction of Hungary’s prime fields researched in the current network of higher education and at other institutes in cooperation with global research networks. At the other end of the innovation chain, there are basic and applied research results in inventions that render our everyday lives easier; devices that we routinely use and benefit from, without thinking of all the hard and often seemingly hopeless work as well as the huge amount of money and energy invested. In fact, luck and random alignment of creativity are also needed in many cases.


Several devices known and used around the globe are Hungarian inventions, which few people know but we are very proud of. In this chapter, we list a few of these devices to offer an insight into the wide-ranging creativity of Hungarians, without attempting to be exhaustive. Just think about our everyday lives without computers, telephones, refrigerators, electric locomotives, safety matches or ball-point pens… it’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Besides physical devices, there are numerous theories attributable to Hungarian scientists, without which we would not know what flow or stress is or why space is curved, and Einstein would probably not have found the E=mc2 formula either…





 Source: Excellence in Research and Development in Hungary – Higher education and academic institutions

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