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We asked our international students about the University of Pécs! Let them tell you what it's like to study and live in Pécs.

Motivated, friendly and determined – these three words best describe Nóra Sipos. As a  student of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development she majored on the Human Resources Counseling Masters’ program.

Daniel Livingston (Country of origin: USA) graduated from Pécs in 2010. He is board certified in Internal Medicine/Hospital medicine (aka: Hospitalist)…with Community Health Network in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Regional FENS Meeting in Pécs will focus on the most recent discoveries in neuroscience from molecules to behavior, highlighting discoveries of translational potential. In addition to the wide range of scientific insights a special emphasis will be placed on cutting edge technologies. The conference will be held for four days and will include six plenary speaker sessions, eighteen symposia and three poster sessions.

I’ve made an interview with Moritz Wüller, a German-speaking student at the University of Pécs. Moritz is currently in his fourth year of studying medicine in Pécs. He was born in Hamburg but lives in Leipzig.

The Senate adopted the strategic internationalisation programme until 2020 last year, which, connected to the Modern Cities Programme, determines certain yearly tasks. We have asked the director for international relations, associate professor Dr. István Tarrósy  about the novelties starting in September.  

The University of Pécs is celebrating the 650th anniversary of the first Hungarian university this year. Honouring this jubilee, the university is giving place for various cultural, scientific or sport events in 2017. 

PMS is Pécs Music Society, a group formed by music-loving and music-playing students of the University of Pécs. It’s not a band, or a single event, maybe better described as a ‘world-view’ to promote live music and musicians in Pécs. PMS started in 2010, at a table outside the old Fortuna Cáfé in the medical faculty, by a Swedish student Arvin Lashgarara (now living in Sweden) and Ian O’Sullivan.  The Society was born in UP, in the Medical School of UP to be precise, and maintains a close friendship with the university. UP students form the backbone of PMS, and we love to perform for the students and to invite them to participate. The main organizers are Ian O’Sullivan, András Langer and Alan Abada.

The University of Pecs’ 3D third annual Print Technology Conference welcomes everyone who is interested in the practical application of 3D printing technologies and visualizations. The event celebrates its third consecutive year and brings together notable experts and corporate entities in the developing field of 3D Print Technology.  


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