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Doctor Honoris Causa titles, Doctor et Professor Honoris Causa title, Professor Emeritus title and honorary professor title were conferred at the ceremonial meeting of the Senate of the University of Pécs held in the Dr. Halasy-Nagy József Aula on 16th November. The event was also the opening ceremony of the Human well-being conference.

Europe or The United States? Which one is the most preferable from the two? Pretty hard question, we could make a survey to see what people say about it but it does not matter what others say. Every single person in this world is unique, all of them have different necessities and dreams. However, there is a general statement that Europeans are dreaming about the USA and Americans are dreaming about Europe. Most of the people love to travel, experience new cultures but only a few of them are able to settle down in a different environment and feel home.

There is no university student who never worries about what is next, what is going to happen if the exam period does not turn out good, if he does not have enough credits, if he does not get on well with one of his lecturers or just does not find his place in the world. There are students who do not need help in these situations, but there are others who do. There are students who would really need some help but do not know where to go, who to call. Or maybe, they just do not want to call anyone because they think they are able to deal with it. I was in that kind of situation, too. I was not sure whether I was at the right place, but fortunately I found my way out. However, it could be easier with a little help. I had a conversation with Dr Amaryl Árkovits, chief medical officer of the PTE KK Psychiatric Center and chairman of the S.O.S. Phone Service Against Suicide.

The latest university ranking was published by the Times Higher Education from London and the University of Pécs has obtained the 2nd highest ranking among the universities in Hungary!

Most people study English and German because these languages are the most well-known all over the world. These are useful languages for work and also for everyday life because if you speak English the world expands. Recently I met several people who do not speak either English or German and their opportunities are limited in so many ways. Imagine the situation when you are really into a certain song but you have no idea what it is about because you do not speak English. So this leads us to the fact that knowing foreign languages is important and English is a must, in my opinion. But what is the case with other languages, like Hungarian? To pick up a new language, that you do not need, you usually need personal reason, a unique experience. Maybe you have met someone from that nation or something happened that made you become interested in that language. Let’s see why a man from Switzerland wants to speak Hungarian!

By this time the University of Pécs has more than 4000 international students, which is  an important milestone in the history of the university.  

The University of Pécs hosted its international recruitment partners at a Jubilee Agency Meeting. The goal of the event was to depend the existing partnerships through a variety of programs in our city and find further ways of cooperation involving new academic fields.

The International Student Hub is a new and exciting initiative established with the ambition to accomodate the wide range of needs of international students at the Faculty of Humanities. 

At the beginning of the term the traffic is coloured by cyclists. It is important to pay attention to them, at the same time the cyclists should be aware of traffic rules. Therefore the goal of the Bikers’ breakfast was to draw the attention of students on bicycles.


You shall not pass!