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Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede

Honorary doctor of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs since 14 October 2009.

Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede was born in 1928 in the Netherlands. He earned his first degree in 1953 at the Delft Technical University. He received his summa cum laude doctoral degree at Groningen University's Faculty of Social Psychology. 

He first published his analysis based on IBM employee attitude surveys in 1971. Since then the dimensions and metaphors that he has developed are considered fundamental in both psychology and in management studies. 

Dr. Hofstede's first book "Culture's Consequences" was first in 1980. The first edition of his next book, written not only for competent experts but also for the general public, "Cultures and Organizations: software of the mind" came out in 1991. This version (followed by many more editions) was published in seventeen languages, including Hungarian too. On the occasion of the book's Hungarian publication the author visited the University of Pécs and gave a "sold out" lecture to the students of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Halasy-Nagy Aula in Rákóczi Street. 

Dr. Geert Hofstede is Professor Emeritus of the University of Tilburg, research scholar of the University of Maastricht and honorary doctor of many universities. He expressed his intention to keep in touch with the Faculty of Business and Economics and its departments, and as part of this cooperation he gave permission to use his most recent surveys, providing an opportunity for all those interested to join in the international research on executive goals.

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