Pécsi Tudományegyetem

University of Pécs


Faculties of the UP

With 20,000 students, more than 4000 international students and 1,400 academics, the University of Pécs is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Hungary offering high-quality research and education. The wide range of study programmes offered at our ten faculties cover nearly every possible area of sciences.

Students can pursue their studies at the bachelor's level (BA/BSc), at the master's level (MA/MSc) or even at the doctoral level (PhD, DLA). The University has the traditional structure of European universities, headed by a rector and a team of three vice rectors, each responsible for a different area of academic issues. Faculties are headed by deans and represent larger academic areas. They are subdivided into institutes and departments, which are in daily contact with the students and are responsible for the academic programmes.


University of Pécs Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

Dean:  Dr. Adrián Fábián 
Address: 7622 Pécs, 48-as tér 1.
GPS: 46.074094, 18.237734
Website: http://ajk.pte.hu
E-mail: info@ajk.pte.hu




University of Pécs Medical School

Medical School

Dean: Dr. Miklós Nyitrai
Address: 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.
GPS: 46.073134, 18.20632
Website: medschool.pte.hu, admissions.medschool.pte.hu
E-mail: info@aok.pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities

Dean:  Prof. Dr. Tamás Bereczkei
Address: 7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.
GPS: 46.076465, 18.207232
Website: http://english.btk.pte.hu
E-mail: btkinfo@pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dean: Dr. József Betlehem
Address: 7621 Pécs, Vörösmarty u. 4.
GPS: 46.077194, 18.226125
Website: http://english.etk.pte.hu
E-mail: info@etk.pte.hu




 University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy

 Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean: Dr. Pál Perjési
Address: 7624 Pécs, Rókus u. 2
GPS:  46.0967, 18.2068
Website: http://gytk.pte.hu/en
E-mail: gyogyszeresz.szak@aok.pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development

Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development

Dean: Prof. Dr. Gábor Szécsi
Address: 7100 Szekszárd, Rákóczi u. 1., 7633 Pécs, Szántó Kovács János u. 1/b. 
GPS: 46.35225, 18.702853
Website: http://kpvk.pte.hu
E-mail: info@kpvk.pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Business and Economics

Dean: Dr. Zoltán Schepp 
Address: 7622 Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.
GPS: 46.074355, 18.236513
Website: http://english.ktk.pte.hu
E-mail: info@ktk.pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

Dean: Dr. Tamás Lakner
Address: 7622 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 16.
GPS: 46.07742, 18.248334
Website: http://www.art.pte.hu
E-mail:  seres.beata@pte.hu




University of Pécs Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology 

Dean: Dr. Gabriella Medvegy
Address: 7624 Pécs, Boszorkány út 2.
GPS: 46.080565, 18.211856
Website: https://english.mik.pte.hu
E-mail: titkar@mik.pte.hu 




University of Pécs Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

Dean: Dr. Róbert Gábriel
Address: 7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.
GPS: 46.080565, 18.211856
Website: http://www.ttk.pte.hu/en
E-mail: contact@gamma.ttk.pte.hu



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