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University of Pécs



Jubilee Countdown Day on 20. November!

4. Music Days in Pécs

International Conference on University-Based Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Travelling exhibition - 650 years of the Hungarian higher education

Federation of Neuroscience Societies Regional Meeting

V. Pécs Chocolate Carneval – 2017

Opening of PTE InfoPont

Senate Meeting on Educator's Day

Senate Meeting of Honorary Doctor Inauguration on the occasion of 15 March

End of the Term Senate Meeting

EFOTT Festival (National Touristic Meeting of University and College Students)

Anniversary Final Concert

XIth Jubilee Pollack Expo

Pécs Debate Academy

International Interdisciplinary Conference on consumption - experiences and perspectives in central european context

Multiculturalism and enterprising capacity development in the spirit of multiculturalism –validation visit of Middlesex University London

XIII. Hungarian Aerosol Conference

Ecumenical theological conference – Christian freedom and social modernization? Theological and cultural consequences of reformation

PTE 1367 Historical Memorial Run

UP Innovation Days 2017

PTE 650 Jubilee in Education

Our story continues: Co-operation between the Bloomsburg University and the University of Pécs

International Conference on the History of Health Science

The Paediatric Neurology Ward of the Department of Paediatrics is 50 years old - Congress

25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Sciences

TÉRERŐ PÉCS 650 I. Sculpture Symposium

SZÍNERŐ PÉCS V. National Painting Symposium

International Spring - International Evening

Chinese Herbal Exhibition - Opening Ceremony

Preserving wellbeing and maintaining optimal health through utilizing herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine

International Spring - Noruz - Persian New Year

Music and Ritual (Religion, Philosophy, Politics and Music)

International Spring - Indian Evening

International Spring - Indonesian evening

International Spring - Mongolian days

International Spring - North American Days

International Spring - Canada Day

…And Yet Here I Am exhibition: 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary

Balázs Elemér Group: The Voice of America '56 - Hungarians in The Willis Conover Jazz Hour

Fulbright Scholarship presentation

Lutz Hübner: Matter of Honor

Chinese Herbal Exhibition

International Spring - Motivational Speech

International Spring - Diplomats' Roundtable Discussion

International Spring - African Days

Ibero – American Week

International Spring - European Days

African Hungarian Union: Medical Missions in Africa

International Spring - Ethiopia today

International Spring - African Night

Africa through the eyes of Pécs citizens: African Exhibition by photographers from Pécs

Migration on the Horn of Africa

International Spring - Kasserian Inkera?

International Spring - Erasmus Staff Week

Scandinavian Film Week–with Hungarian and English subtitles

International Spring – Explore the Russian world: Russian language and culture in Pécs

Library Night at the University Library and Knowledge Centre

The ladder in you–Street performances in the centre of Pécs

Pécs University Days (PEN)

National Brain Research Programme final conference

Presentation of King Louis the Great and Bishop William's statue

Ceremony for the Day of Hungarian Higher-Education, held for the 650th Anniversary of the foundation of Hungary's first University

Open University event series

International meeting of wine universities and wine regions

Compostela, 2017 general meeting and conference

Neuroscience in the 21th century

Federation of Neuroscience Societies Regional Meeting

Anniversary DesignPécs Week International Exhibition and Conference

“PTE 650 Rókaűzők” relay race

Human well-being and livable environment: health, water and climate. The responsibility of science and education in the 21st century

International Spring - Novi Sad day: joint program by the University of Pécs and the University of Novi Sad (UNS)

Sopianae 2017 Jubilee International Photo Salon

History of the university exhibition from a contemporary perspective

“Pannonian Symposium on CNS Injury” Conference

Bear castle, or a tragicomedy on the final run of bishop John of Pannonia

4×4 Chinise Hungarian Architecture Workshop

Carmina Burana – concert of the Institute of Music, Faculty of Arts

XXIX Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum and the Jubilee Meeting of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference

"48th International Symposium on Essential Oils" International conference

Open4Business Matchmaking Event

Pécs - Plácido Domingo Classics

3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference

University and universality – Place and role of the University of Pécs in Europe from the middle ages to present day

Past and present. The buildings of the University of Pécs

PTE 650 EHÖK Misina-peak attack running race

Ceremonial Senate Seat - for Honoris Causa Doctor Donald Tusk

You shall not pass!