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PTE 1367 Historical Memorial Run

The event is part of the PTE 650 Jubilee celebration of the University of Pécs.

The event will be held for the third time now. In the past two years more than one thousand and four hundred students participated in the run. Participants start from two different points of the city but both of them range 1376 meters and finish on the main square. The running is symbolic, not a competition. Because of the Jubilee celebration, the organizers will welcome us with a concert.
(The participants will enter Széchenyi Square, where the finish line is, from two directions: 48-as Square and the Beer Factory.)
Rain Date: 27 April

Date of event: 
2017. April 26. 08:00 to 2017. April 27. 16:00
Pécs, Downtown
Contact person: 
József Hári
Contact person's email: 
Jubileum 650
You shall not pass!