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“Pannonian Symposium on CNS Injury” Conference

The event is part of the PTE 650 Jubilee celebration of the University of Pécs.

The first Pannonian Symposium on CNS Injury in 2000 sought to provide a unique environment for evaluation of translational research in traumatic brain injury, a pioneering concept at that time. Contemporary thought now appreciates that communication between basic scientists and clinicians is essential to improve the relevance and impact of basic science discovery as well as the quality of patient care and management - a major goal that the Pannonian symposia has embraced for more than 15 years. Traditions can be measured in decades as well as in centuries. This year the
Pannonian Symposium is linked to celebration of the 650th anniversary of the founding of the University of Pécs, one of the first universities in Europe, and currently a comprehensive university serving over 30,000 Hungarian and international students.
Appreciating the past – but looking to the future – we embrace this premise as the motto of the 7th Pannonian Symposium on Central Nervous System Injury, an event also linked to the State of Hungarian Science meeting on the 1st of September. The Pannonian Symposium will herald this large scale scientific meeting that will include the National Brain Program, launched and financed by the Government of Hungary.
Presentations from worldwide experts on brain injury research with a focus on pathobiology and applied clinical research as well as patient care should help contribute to a better understanding of and ultimately, better treatments for our brain-injured population.

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Date of event: 
2017. August 30. 08:00 to 2017. September 01. 16:00
Szentágothai Research Centre, Ifjúság Street 20.
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Prof. Dr. András Büki , Rita Bogyay
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30 411 3349
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