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Neuroscience in the 21th century

Understanding the functioning of the brain and curing its diseases is one of the greatest challenges of our age, which requires a high-level, manifold and concerted research strategy.

The task of the Neuroscience Centre UP is the co-ordination of neuroscience research and the operation of the required devices, the co-ordination of the various task groups, and harmonising research strategies. For further information visit ic.pte.hu. 

 We reserve the right to change the program. This event will be updated.


Date of event: 
2017. September 19. 08:00 to 2017. September 20. 12:00
Szentágothai Research Centre
Contact person: 
dr. Boldizsár Czéh, dr. István Ábrahám
Contact person's email: 
Jubileum 650
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