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The ladder in you

The PTE Integrated Art Group pre­sents the first two parts of a  tri­logy: ‘Spring  and Sword’, and ‘Nest and Wing’ as two  contemporary dance theatre acts. The pieces were inspired by the founding and histo­ry of the first Hungarian university, and by the poem of Sándor Weöres, ‘Towards the Absolute’. 

The integrated group is a creative company, which embraces  disabled and non-disabled students and employe­es. The show has three main goals. Besides its entertaining value it at­tempts to inspire the audience to further think about the topic of living with disability, and it also demonst­rates how people with disabilities can participate in, and valuably support art productions with other non-di­sabled members of the group. In addition, the creative process aims to contribute to the personal devel­opment of participants.

After the show, the organizers hold a public meeting and casual talk.

Supporting tickets are available from 1000 HUF at the event.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pteintegraltmuveszeticsoport/

Date of event: 
2017. June 06. 19:00
Janus University Theatre (Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos str. 16.)
Contact person: 
Csaba Magdali
Contact person's email: 
Contact person's phone: 
Jubileum 650
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