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International Spring: Africa Days

International Spring / Africa Days

22-25 May


  • 22 May

Angola Day - International Spring




First in line in the International Spring's Africa Days is the unique Angola Day. On 22 May Angola represents itself for the first time for our university’s students and for the citizens of Pécs. 
An exhibiton of Angolan pictures opens at 5:00 PM.
From 5:30 PM a movie, Njinga, Queen of Angola will be played which tells us a story of a legendary queen, who ruled in the 17th century of Angola (in Portuguese with English subtitles).
Those, who sat through the movie can be a guest and experience a special and traditional Angolan dinner. By favour of the Embassy of Angola we can taste wonderful recipes made from original ingredients, prepared by Angolan chefs during the movie. Do not miss it!



  • 23 May

The ancient Egypt’s newest secrets



On 23 May, there will be an outstanding lecture in the House of Arts and Literature at 5:30 pmDr. Ágnes Pécsi: The ancient Egypt’s newest secrets, aka the pyramids in the lights of the newest researches. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza was always in the centre for many studies. There are many theories about its building, the scientists and the „pyramidiots” are fighting for a long time ago. Come and get informed about the latest results.

(The lecture’s language is Hungarian)



  • 24 May

Africa Days 24 May



On 24 May, a unique drum-performance will be at the Király Street on the terrace of Nappali. The Senegalese Abdoul Camara and his band will play on the African drums, and you can try them if we would like to! The performance includes a dance show too, even the famous “fire-eating magical dance”!

After the Dub-Show, from 9.30 p.m. Jean-Christophe from the Alliance Francaise will offer you a musical travel from South Africa to Morocco through the whole African continent. You will discover lots of differents styles ranging from the '60s to the latest musics. Let’s dance! 



  • 25 May

DJ Director in Pécs



On 25 May in the Made in Pécs Cafe from 9 pm a mysterious, but well-known DJ Director will play the finest African songs.  



All the events are FREE for everyone! See you there!


Date of event: 
2018. May 22. 17:00 to 2018. May 25. 23:45
Various, see the detailed program
Contact person: 
Attila Szabó
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You shall not pass!