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University of Pécs


Hungarian Language and Culture Summer School ( 4 weeks)

Would you like to learn Hungarian in a very interesting, effective and playful way? Apply to our Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University to learn not only the language but alos to receive uo-to-date information about Hungarian culture, cuisine, traditions and much more! All in a very amusing way, in small multicultural groups. Learn our unique and very interesting language in the natural language environment and learn more than just a language!

Program description 

The MagyarOK program effectively assists foreign students of Hungarian language in becoming competent language users. The program’s methodology is rooted in experiential and cooperative language learning combined with ICTs. In- and out-of-class learning forms an integrated system immersing students in a multicultural context, thus facilitating effective language learning and developing learners’ autonomy. Our program development resulted in a renewed course portfolio and a novel coursebook series. Our students learn Hungarian in culturally mixed groups for 2 or 4 weeks with three teachers per group. These courses mix in-class and out-of-class elements with programs organized in native speaking environment, thus developing cultural and intercultural competencies.


Social programs

We find it important to encourage our students to explore villages, towns and natural reserves in the region in order to expand their cultural and geographical knowledge of the area. Therefore we organise trips in the region with different cultural programs (e.g.: making traditional handcrafted artefacts, learning folk dances, experiencing Hungarian gastronomy and wine tasting). You can go for a hike in Mecsek Mountains and enjoy the view of the city by night, or join our sport programmes.


Who should apply

Undergraduate, graduate and PhDstudents



Earned credits:

13.5 ECTS credits/ 9 ECTS credits


Language of instruction: Hungarian (English)


Housing: dormitory or guesthouse


Program fee:

Registration fee 80 EUR

Tuition fee  690 EUR / 430 EUR;


Program fee includes:

the course fee but does not include housing, meals, trips, culinary classes


Organizing unit:

International Studies Center


Application deadline

15 June, 2017


Early bird deadline:

15 May, 2017


Early bird fee:

621 EUR / 387 EUR


How to apply:

Please fill in the application form that you find here.



www.isc.pte.hu ; www.magyar-ok.hu

Date of event: 
2017. July 23. 08:00 to 2017. August 20. 16:00
more information: www.isc.pte.hu ; www.magyar-ok.hu
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