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University of Pécs


Human well-being and livable environment: health, water and climate. The responsibility of science and education in the 21st century

International conference on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the first University in Hungary.

Two main topics:     

I. Water, climate (coordinator: Tamás Németh, HAS, class IV) 
II. Healthcare (coordinator: György Kosztolányi, HAS, class V)

Connecting topics:
Education and research for the sustainable development

16 November (Thursday) 
2.00 pm – 5.00 pm (with breaks)
Ceremonial speeches
Doctor Honoris Causa Ceremonial Senate Meeting
Concert of the Pannon Philharmonic at Kodály Centre


17 November (Friday) 

10.00 am – 5.00 pm (coffee-break, lunch) 

• Keynote presentation: Detlev Ganten president, InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) for Health
• Title: The Evolution of Medicine to Evolutionary Molecular Medicine. 

• Keynote presentation: Dame Anne Johnson professor, Academy of Medical Sciences, UCL
• Title: Improving the Health of the Public by 2040: challenges for transdisciplinary international research.

• Keynote presentation: Piroska Östlin director, WHO Regional Office for Europe
• Title: The European context for public health: working for better and more equitable health and well-being for all.

• Keynote presentationLászló, Bozó, Professor, Corvinus University, Budapest
Title: Climate Change and Atmospheric Composition: Global and European Challenges

• Keynote presentation: David Stephen Powlson, Professor emeritus, Rothamsted Research Harpenden, Herts., UK. 
• Title: What do we mean by sustainable agriculture? Insights from Rothamsted Long Term Experiments and further afield.

• Keynote presentation: Georges Hofman, Professor emeritus, University Gent, BE
• Title: Implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Europe.

• Keynote presentation: Gyula Bándi, Professor, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law, Budapest, Ombudsman of Future Generations
• Title: From the Precautionary Approach to Polluter Pays Principle – Difficulties of Providing a Proper Legal Answer

• Keynote presentation: Kálmán Rajkai (with co-authors A.Makó, G.Illés G, G.Tóth, T.Németh) Agricultural Research Center, HAS
• Title: The environmental protection tasks of the Tolna-Baranya Hills due to climate change

• Keynote presentation: Róza Ádány, Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, University of Debrecen and Hungarian Association of Public Health Research and Training Institutions 
• Title: Public health challenges in Hungary 

• Keynote presentation: Imre Boncz, Professor, Institute for Health Insurance, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pécs, Hungary
• Title: Challenges of the sustainability of health care systems

• Keynote presentation: László Gulácsi, Professor, Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest
• Title: Comments to the presentation of Professor Dame Anne Johnson

• Keynote presentation: Zoltán Vokó, Professor, Department of Health Policy and Health Economy, Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest
• Title: What does the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics have to do with public health?


18 November (Saturday) 
11.00 am – 2.00 pm (lunch)
• The responsibility of education and research for the liveable future: environment and health
• Pre
sentation of young researchers 


  1. Havril Tímea (ELTE)": Impacts of predicted climate change on groundwater flow systems: can wetlands of the Tihany Peninsula disappear due to recharge reduction?"
  2. Dr. Juhász Krisztina (PTE): Epidemiologic Aspects of Contralateral Hip Fractures
  3. Schmeller Dalma (PTE): Brownfields as new green spaces in cities - possible solutions in the case of Pécs
  4. Schmeller Gabriella (PTE): Aerosol processing in stratocumulus clouds
  5. Berényi Károly (PTE): The role of meta-analysis in cancer prevention – primary prevention as a tool of sustainable wellbeing.
  6. Pap Domokos (SE): "Novel role of IL-20 cytokine subfamily in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney diseases"
  7. Dr. Göblös Anikó (SZTE): „The functional characterization of rare and common CARD14 variants in pityriasis rubra pilaris”


More information: http://wellbeing.pte.hu/hu/program 


Date of event: 
2017. November 16. 14:00 to 2017. November 18. 13:00
Dr. Halasy-Nagy József Hall (Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.)
Contact person: 
Prof. Dr. György Kosztolányi
Contact person's email: 
kosztolanyi.gyorgy@pte.hu, kiraly.dora@pte.hu, borsos.eszter@pte.hu
Contact person's phone: 
+36 72 512620, + 36 72 501 500 / 12413 és 12143
Jubileum 650
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