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Africa through the eyes of Pécs citizens: African Exhibition by photographers from Pécs

The event is part of the PTE650 Jubilee celebration of the University of Pécs.

Károly Barakonyi, Judit Déri, Lajos Kalmár, György Konkoly-Thege, László Mihály and István Tarrósy

Africa is an incredibly diverse continent culturally, linguistically, and ethnically speaking. This exhibition sheds light on the everyday life of inhabitants of this region and is characterised by stark contrasts. Six photographers from Pécs present a captivating glimpse of the diverse values which dominate the respective corners of Africa. 

Participation is free!

Program of the International Spring – African Days

Organizer: University of Pécs - Centre for International Relations

The organizers reserve the right of making changes in the programmes.


Date of event: 
2017. April 07. 17:00 to 2017. April 29. 19:30
University Library of Pécs and Learning Centre, Aula on the ground floor. (Pécs, Universitas str. 2/a)
Contact person: 
Gábor Kozma
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Contact person's phone: 
+36 72 501 500 / 18533
Jubileum 650
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