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University of Pécs



30th Anniversary of the Medical School's English Program

Light Your Torch - Saint Michael's Day Celebration

Statue Inauguration Ceremony - on the 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Healthy Ageing of Roma Communities: Endowers – Realities – Perspectives Symposium

Voices for Hospices Charity Concert

Derrida Lectures 2004-2014 - In memoriam Jaques Derrida

10th International PhD & DLA Symposium /Conference

IX. International University Theatre Festival

Guest lecture of Prof. Fujio Murakami from Suita, Osaka, Japan)

Lecture of Elżbieta Barbara Zybert

Blooming orchids in the UP Botanical Gardern

Exhibition of Jon E. Marquette

Lecture of Prof. Garib Murshudov

Lecture of Prof. Garib Murshudov

III. Charity Swimsuit Santa Claus Run

Doktori Oklevélátadó Ünnepség


Blue Economy Summer School (BESS) 2015

Motor control, Health and Movement Satellite Conference

Veni Sancte academic year opening holy mass

Veni Sancte academic year Opening Concert

Simply English CD release concert

I. International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference

Adult education in Germany, including VHS, DVV, with an outlook to Europe

Donation to Animal Shelter Misina

Jubilee Countdown Day on 20. November!

Miklos Dekany Memorial Day

AIDS World Day

Volunteers Pécs- Cookie Sale

Summer school on Health Law and Ethics

11th Young European Scientist Meeting

Visegrad Summer School 2016 – Krakow, Poland

Student Conference of the Hungarian Medical Association of America

Summer School: Genomic Medicine

II. PTE Anniversary Run

Summer School: Genomic Medicine

Professor István Vermes Memorial Conference

2016 ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students

Annual Meeting of SFRR-E 2016

The Islamic religion on the Balkan

Cantabile Regensburg Concert Choir in Hungary!

The anniversary concert of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

Lecture course on fluorescence sensing

Graduation Ceremony for Dentists, Pharmaceutists and Medical Biotechnologists

Graduation Ceremony for Medical Doctors

African Dance and Drum Show

Ceremonial Senate seat for closing the academic year

4. Music Days in Pécs

Szigetvár, 1566 - Commemorative conference

Freshman-tour for first-year students at the Centre for Learning

8. Run for the Cancer Treatment in Pécs!

Lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Orthopedy

Miklós Iványi International PhD & DLA Symposium


Dance Group of Dankook University at the UP

Catholic Mass in Pius Church

Freshman-tour for first-year students at the Centre for Learning

White Coat Ceremony for students starting their pre-clinical studies at Medical School

2nd International Interdiszciplinary 3D Conference

British Autumn 2016 - Brian Peters & Simply English

British Autumn 2016 - Jim Mageean's open talk and concert

Derrida-Lectures, In memoriam Jacques Derrida

International Conference on University-Based Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Stipendium Hungaricum Gala

Hungarian Revolution of 1956 at our University - Remembrance Event of the Medical School

Water Polo Charity Gala for the benefit of Pediatrics Clinic

4th UP Night of Sports

Advent concert at the Mecical School

Travelling exhibition - 650 years of the Hungarian higher education

International Evening 2017

VII. European Trauma Course 2017 in Pécs

Lecture of Martin Andersson from the Blekinge Institute of Technology

Lecture of Manfred Paier on Supporting ex-ante evaluation of research policies

Lecture of Joaquin Azagra-Caro on Measuring macro-level effects of the global economic recession

Freedom, Security and Justice – Crossing Borders

Federation of Neuroscience Societies Regional Meeting

Educatio - International Education Expo

Blood donation - 23-27. January 2017

Orientation day for foreign students - academic year of 2016/2017

V. Pécs Chocolate Carneval – 2017

Opening of PTE InfoPont

Cocktails for a Cause

Senate Meeting on Educator's Day

Senate Meeting of Honorary Doctor Inauguration on the occasion of 15 March

End of the Term Senate Meeting

650 Anniversary PTE Day

EFOTT Festival (National Touristic Meeting of University and College Students)

Final Concert

Lectures on American Culture by Whitney Traylor

The Celebration of Hungarian Science and Senate Meeting of Honorary Doctor Inauguration

Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program

Hungarian Language and Culture Summer School ( 2 weeks)

Hungarian Language and Culture Summer School ( 4 weeks)

Personal Development Training

International Interdisciplinary Conference on consumption - experiences and perspectives in central european context

Multiculturalism and enterprising capacity development in the spirit of multiculturalism –validation visit of Middlesex University London

XIII. Hungarian Aerosol Conference

Ecumenical theological conference – Christian freedom and social modernization? Theological and cultural consequences of reformation

PTE 1367 Historical Memorial Run

PTE 650 Jubilee in Education

Our story continues: Co-operation between the Bloomsburg University and the University of Pécs

International Conference on the History of Health Science

The Paediatric Neurology Ward of the Department of Paediatrics is 50 years old - Congress

25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Sciences

TÉRERŐ PÉCS 650 I. Sculpture Symposium

SZÍNERŐ PÉCS V. National Painting Symposium

International Spring - International Evening

Chinese Herbal Exhibition - Opening Ceremony

Preserving wellbeing and maintaining optimal health through utilizing herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine

International Spring - Noruz - Persian New Year

Music and Ritual (Religion, Philosophy, Politics and Music)

International Spring - Indian Evening

International Spring - Indonesian evening

International Spring - Mongolian days

International Spring - North American Days

International Spring - Canada Day

English Trivia Night

…And Yet Here I Am exhibition: 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary

Balázs Elemér Group: The Voice of America '56 - Hungarians in The Willis Conover Jazz Hour

Fulbright Scholarship presentation

Lutz Hübner: Matter of Honor

International Spring - Motivational Speech

International Spring - Diplomats' Roundtable Discussion

International Spring - African Days

International Spring - European Days

African Hungarian Union: Medical Missions in Africa

International Spring - Ethiopia today

International Spring - African Night

Africa through the eyes of Pécs citizens: African Exhibition by photographers from Pécs

Migration on the Horn of Africa

International Spring - Kasserian Inkera?

International Spring - Erasmus Staff Week

Scandinavian Film Week–with Hungarian and English subtitles

You shall not pass!