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ZEN POP UP Summercamp

Do you like music? Do you like festivals? Do you like photography or any kind of visual art? Let's build a festival together! 

The morning sessions of the five-day long POP UP MUSIC CAMP will offer you lectures from a high variety of pop music, such as the history of British pop music, the online music networks, the relationship of pop music and design or the social responsibility of pop music. During the training sessions, the attendants will get a closer look on the technical, communicational, and management-related issues of the music festivals. The night jam sessions will let you feel what it's like to stand on the stage with a live performance. You can meet the organizations and faces, representatives of the local music society! 

Topics to choose: Music, Marketing, Masque - we get around the whole spectrum of the music industry. 

The ZEN POP UP MUSIC CAMP is waiting for You - Make your own festival!

Application form: https://goo.gl/5WD7cD
Program fee: 270 EUR
Application deadline: 27 March 2017
Program director: Dr. Zoltan Beck


Date of event: 
2017. June 16. 08:00 to 2017. June 21. 20:00
Contact person: 
Barbara Tóth
Contact person's email: 
You shall not pass!